Judy Hopps Hoodie!

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Let me preface this by saying: I have not seen Zootopia. To be honest, it’s really rare that I will see an animated movie.  The last one I saw was Big Hero 6, and I did like that a lot! Anyway, I saw someone’s little girl wearing this hoodie, aaaaaand, I had to have it! It’s from the Girls section at Target, which is way better than the Women’s section. I looked at Target.com first to see if they had the hoodie in my size (XL!) at my local store, and, nope! I took a lil 30 minute drive to pick one up, and it was so worth it. There’s even a lil bunny tail on the back of the hoodie as well as a Zootopia Police badge patch dangling out of a pocket. I will take better quality pics of it at some point, but I just love it so much I had to share immediately!

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WIWT: Wigglin’ my way into my 40s in a hot pink dress!

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“I DO NOT DO BODY CON” is something I decided for myself when body con dresses seemed to be The Thing. My comfort zone is fit-n-flare, trapeze, and A-line. When Unique Vintage asked if I might want to help them promote a certain list of dresses from their site, I saw this hot pink polka dot dress and wondered, “CAN I WEAR THAT?!” Of course anyone can wear whatever the heck they want. I guess the real question was, “Would I feel COMFORTABLE in that?” It seemed like the perfect opportunity to take that plunge and squeeze myself into this 60s inspired wiggle dress. Why yes, yes I am wearing some Spanx underneath there. I don’t exercise, I don’t really watch what I eat, and I’m turning 40 tomorrow. SPANX PLEASE. Tbh, Spanx do help a little, but they are not a miracle. I still have a bit of a belly pooch, but I have organs in there, and also cookies, so, it’s just logical, and totally okay. Being okay with our bodies is always a weird battle, at least for me. We’re always our own worst critics. Especially with a big birthday coming up, I’m like… WHO AM I… WHAT AM I DOING… DEFINITELY NOT YOGA?… SHOULD I BE?! I should definitely use my gym membership more. I want to be able to run from the zombies when the apocalypse comes. I don’t want to be That Girl who trips on a root and dies within the first 5 minutes. I wanna be a survivor! Hopefully I won’t be wearing these particular shoes when that moment comes, but I sure do love these shoes a lot, and they are surprisingly comfortable, although the heel is pretty thin, and feels like it might snap off at any moment. You know, on a root. I also threw on one of my current favorite necklaces: a little donut gem with some girly girl pearls. I gotta be me. Have a great weekend everybody!!!!!!!! I have no idea what is in store for me and my big birthday. Manda planned everything, and it has been top secret. All I know is that a) she called a zoo and b) she asked if I had any banana-themed clothing……   <3 Outfit details: Dress – Unique Vintage (on sale!), Necklace – Fatally Feminine, Shoes – Amazon.com, Hair flower – Tarina Tarantino, Belt – some random other dress.  

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WIWT: Summer Popsicles

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Do you have your outfits planned for 4th of July weekend?? Stars and stripes are always a staple, but I also think that fun, summer-time themes, LIKE POPSICLES, are cool, too! This lil popsicle dress was sent to me by Unique Vintage. The brand is Sourpuss Clothing, and this is a size medium. I think I could have gone down to a size small, and I also think that this dress might be better suited for a gal with boobins. I’m a AA cup, so I don’t have a lot to fill any dress, but I could definitely see some loose cloth in the armpit area that I tried to pin down with my arms in these photos (and that I might try to talk Manda into tailoring for me)! Aside from some slight fit issues, this dress could not be more colorful or cute! Fit-n-flare is a definite favorite of mine, and I think it’s flattering on lots of different body types. Plus, it’s perfect for twirling. The print on this dress even inspired me to crochet a little bear-shaped frozen treat: a frozen banana dipped in chocolate (it’s white chocolate with blue coloring!) with some marshmallow and chocolate drop decorations to make his face. Pardon my un-polished finger nails. I decided to give them a little break. (Is that something we need to do? It seems like a good idea?!) I’m also a huge sucker for ric-rac, and the candy blue trim here does not disappoint! It’s on the back, too. And in case you crocheters were wondering, I’ll be posting the crochet pattern for the frozen banana bears hopefully tomorrow!! I have the pattern finished, but I need to make another bear so I can shoot some step-out photos. It’s actually a really quick and easy pattern. Just make sure you have a popsicle stick! ***** Dress: c/o Unique Vintage, Shoes: Iron Fist, Necklace: Athina LaBella Thanks, Unique Vintage, for sponsoring this post! Check out their other amazing dresses here!

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WIWT: Hello Hearts

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Oh my gosh, I had more fun wearing this outfit than I thought I would! This adorable suspender skirt was sent to me by Unique Vintage for my Style Society posts. It is navy blue with white polka hearts. I know this would look so super cute with a great blouse, but I am somewhat lacking in the cute blouse department. The good news is that a cute t-shirt works just as well! I paired my Jitterbug Suspender Skirt with a Hello Kitty x Johnny Cupcakes shirt from a few years back plus some saddle shoes from Amazon that I just picked up for a Halloween costume one year. I still want to buy a higher quality pair at some point. The suspenders attach with white buttons and are also adjustable. There is a zipper in the back with a hook closure. I love the way this skirt nips your waist in. As a lady with short legs, I always kind of avoided skirts of this length. Somehow I feel like this is working, though!  When I was putting together this outfit in my head, I felt like I was conjuring a schoolgirl or someone about to meet a friend at a bookstore or library. As it turns out, I was just meeting myself. I guess that’s okay, too. Suspender Skirt: c/o Unique Vintage, Shirt: Johnny Cupcakes (no longer available), Necklace: YouMakeMe Design, Shoes: Amazon, Purse: Kling via ModCloth

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WIWT: Lemon Drop

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(Thanks, Unique Vintage, for sponsoring this post!) I had a little adventure! Manda and I went to Dolores Park on a Lemon Drop #CYClemondrop to leave some lemon stress balls out for people to take during tax-time and National Stress Awareness month. Don’t forget you can make some, too! I decided it would be a fun outing to try out the sunny yellow dress that Unique Vintage sent to me as part of the Style Society. This is a longer length of dress than I’m usually used to wearing, but I really liked it because I felt comfortable going out without leggings or tights (I have a thing about my knees!). It has a soft yellow background with white polka dots and some cute navy blue anchors. Also the back has some stretch in it for the perfect fit. Manda took my outfit photos. I’m pretty used to taking them on my own with a tripod, so I felt kind of weird posing in front of someone else, while all these people walked by wondering what we were doing! I need to get more used to this and just not care! The dress was really fun to wear, though, since it’s so swingy and flowy and twirly. Also you can squat down in the grass and string labels to lemons without your butt hanging out! I mentioned on Instagram that I sort of Iron Chef my outfits. I started with the dress and knew I needed a cardigan, and the only cheery one that I had was that pink floral one from Forever 21. Then I grabbed this Fatally Feminine circus cookie necklace to tie in the pink. Since we were adventuring, I put on my trusty boots from UNIF. I feel like normally you’d feel pressured to wear a dainty shoe with a dress like this, but I am a die-hard black boot lover, and I think it worked out ok! I also recently received some fun retro bags from Sun Jellies! I’d been following them on Instagram for some time, and I was so surprised and excited when they offered to send me some to check out! This photo makes the bag look a lot smaller than it actually is, but it carries quite a bit! It was perfect for our lemons, tags, and tools. I’ll show you more photos from our Lemon Drop below the cut! (Also stay tuned for the April giveaway later this afternoon!) Outfit details: Dress – c/o Unique Vintage, Necklace – Fatally Feminine, Boots – UNIF, Bag – c/o Sun Jellies, Cardigan – Forever21? (ages go!)

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WIWT: Soft Florals & Swiss Dots ft. Wax Poetic Clothing

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When I saw a photo of the Truly Dress by Wax Poetic Clothing on Instagram, I KNEW IT HAD TO BE MINE. It has all the components of the perfect dress: pinks, flowers, swiss dots, baby ruffles … even the adorable rose buttons. I was absolutely floored when Johanna, the creator and designer of Wax Poetic, offered to send me a package. I immediately blew up my girlfriends’ phones with photos of the dress because I was so astounded, amazed, and grateful! When the dress arrived, it was just as perfect in person as it was online. It fit like a glove (I’m wearing a size small) and is extremely comfortable. The attention to detail is out of this world. Wax Poetic is made in the U.S.A., and Johanna is also the designer of another company (not sure if she wants me to reveal that!), but I’m so super duper extremely supportive of her personal passion project! I paired it with some Betsey Johnson heels I wore to my brother’s wedding a million years ago, a sweet cookie necklace, and a cute milkshake bag that I believe I bought on ModCloth. I’m ready for a tea party with some girlfriends or a cute dinner date! Who’s taking me out?! She sent me another dress, too, which I will show you guys really soon! ***** Dress: c/o Wax Poetic Clothing, Necklace: Fatally Feminine Designs, Shoes: Betsey Johnson from a million years ago, Bag: ModCloth (but I don’t think it’s available there anymore. The brand is Nila Anthony. ), Hair flower: Tarina Tarantino

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WIWT: Hunting for Bigfoot

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Some time before the holidays, I spied this supercool t-shirt by Maiden Voyage on Agent Lover‘s blog. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK (sorta?… I haven’t really tried ‘charging it up’ yet). I wore it to a farewell dinner for my pal Guapo and posted a pic on Insta, and y’all seemed to like it – and cryptozoology – a real whole bunch, including my friend-of-friend (Is it easier to just say “friend”? When does one become a “friend” as opposed to “the dude I met once who is friends with my friend”? Discussion continued later) Luke, who ended up getting this shirt as well, which, obviously called for TWINSIE OUTFIT PHOTOSHOP THINGZ. (p.s. If you want to check out his band Awesomer, that might be nice, cuz Photoshop humiliation … I mean, SPLENDOR.) There was a brief discussion about pith helmets that will make no sense now, but, let’s just say, that if you were to have an actual pith helmet, everyday would be an adventure. #pithlife For hunting the Bigfoot, I figured a shorts-and-tights combo would provide flexibility, agility, stamina….. okay, I don’t know. I don’t think I can carry this Bigfoot-hunting thing that far right now. I happened to get these tights around the same time and wondered what everything would look like together. Kinda weird, but there’s also sort of an adventure theme with the squids and the pirate ships and everything. It’s just… a different adventure than the Bigfoot one. I cover land and sea in this outfit. It’s the surf-and-turf of outfits. I’m going to end on that high note. Thank you. **** Shirt: Maiden Voyage. Shorts: ModCloth. Tights: TejaJamilla, Boots: Steve Madden (I’m trying to find a cute replacement for my F21 buckle booties that are falling apart…but I have yet to find The One.)

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WIWT: Katniss Inspired Shrug by My Auntie Em Made It

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You know you’ve seen them, and you know you wanted one, and here’s the best one! One of my wonderful crochet elves Emy has her own Etsy shop, My Auntie Em Made It or Rosemary’s Baby MEK, and she has a great version of the Katniss-inspired shrug! I asked if she could make me one in PINK, and I totally am in love with this Katniss-In-Candyland confection! It has an amazing fit (no weird droopy spots, which I feel I’ve seen in some versions of this) and is really cozy without making me break out into a sweater-sweat. I also really like that incorporates both knit and crochet. (Sorry about the weird/bad photoshop on the shirt I’m wearing underneath… there was part of an image of a girl kneeling, and it just looked kinda bad out of context…!) For you yarn-lovers, this yarn is Biggo from KnitPicks. It’s 50% superwash merino and 50% nylon. Super soft and lofty! (Although it looks like this pink is now discontinued, boo!)

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WIWT: Ice Cream & Strawberry Fluff, featuring EatMeDo!

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I fell in love with an Australian brand called Eat Me Do! I heard about it because Kailey from Mermaidens blogged about the Aussie shop Lady Petrova, and Lady Petrova then hosted an Eat Me Do pop-up, and THEN, I entered Eat Me Do’s Instagram giveaway, and thennnnnn, I TOTALLY WON THIS STRAWBERRY FLUFF JUMPER!!! HELLOOOOOO!!! I got to chatting with the designer, Lara Ivachev, via email, and we are going to have a fun clothing/crochet trade!! I love meeting neat new people! By the way, that’s Bunny’s bed I’m sitting on!!! I wanted to give her a cute space in the bedroom, and as it turns out, it’s a pretty cute space for humans, too! It’s been fairly gloomy and rainy here, so it was nice to wear something cheery and fun for a little bit! *** Jumper: EatMeDo, Skirt: F21, Socks: the Lolita shop in Little Tokyo in L.A. that I can’t recall the name of. Also that big painting in the back is by my talented pal Shannie Shea.

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WIWT: Polka Dots & Circus Cookies

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Last night, we celebrated my dad’s birthday with a dinner at Pabu.  I saw these stairs and plant pots and asked Hairy to snap a pic of my outfit super quick! Mostly, we need to talk about this necklace by my buddy Fatally Feminine! I can’t remember what outfit I was wearing some time ago, but at that moment, I really really REALLY wanted a necklace with circus animal cookies on it, so I asked Aubree from Fatally Feminine if she would be interested in making one. AND HELLO. It is perfect. Even the backs of the cookies look like the backs of the actual cookie. DYING. It is now available in her shop, and you can also get a single a cookie necklace as well as earrings. As soon as I walked into the restaurant, all the girls oohed and aahhed over it. Most fun necklace ever! ***** Dress: H&M, Necklace: Fatally Feminine, Hair Flower: Tarina Tarantino, Belt: eBay, Tights: We Love Colors, Shoes: The White Pepper

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WIWT: My Miss Kika x JapanLA Clothing Moonlight Legend Tee!

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I’m going to admit right this moment that I am not a hardcore Sailor Moon fan. I don’t have anything against it. I just really have not watched ONE SINGLE EPISODE in my whole life. Sailor Moon was always Manda’s thing, and I was never really curious. I have pretty much not watched any anime at all, which is oftentimes disappointing to random strangers who come up to me and want to talk about anime…. I am, however, a fan of my pal Miss Kika, who drew this artwork for a Sailor Moon art show, which is now available on this gloriously comfy and beautimous tshirt from JapanLA Clothing. I pre-ordered this bad girl for me and my bestie because I knew it would go fast! I think there are a few more here and there, and only size Large available left at the JapanLA site. I paired this tee with a Tarina Tarantino necklace and a little rainbow hair bow that I crocheted. I’m just wearing dark denim shorts underneath. No big. I haven’t really figured out how to style this yet, but I wanted to show you guys ASAP!

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Yummy You! at Kawaii Land – San Francisco! Photos and Video!

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Last Saturday night, I took Yummy You! to San Francisco’s first Kawaii Land , a cute shopping event and fashion show, at Ruby Skye. I debuted our new Bibi character in the form of t-shirts, tank tops, and a plushy pillow!

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WIWT: Never Love Again

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Sometimes you end up following cute people on Instagram, and you have no idea how or why, but then they put out a t-shirt, and you just want to support their art and buy one! This tee is by Brooke Vera for an online shop called Dollys. (Mine is a size small.) I also grabbed a handful of her cute vintage-inspired pins! Also from Dollys are these socks that say Spoiled Brat. They are one-size, and frankly, are a bit too long in the foot for me (and my feet are not that small … they are like a 7.5 – 8), so these are for the average big foot, not the average tinygirl, so bear that in mind. I’m gonna wear ’em anyway because they are a lil sassy without having, like, bad words on them! Sorry for the terrible photo. I took all these photos around 7pm, so it was already getting dark after running my errands! The skirt is from Target. I mean, how can any blogger worth her salt NOT own anything with daisies on it for this summer?!!!? I  keed. But really. I don’t often wear skirts like this, because I have NO waist. There is like one inch of space between my ribcage and my pelvis, but the skirt was just really swingy and comfy and DAISY. I grabbed a size large, because that’s what I usually am on the bottom these days, and I even tried it on, but now I feel like I should have gotten a medium. OH WELL! I can’t even remember the last time I tucked in my shirt. I used to have an astroturf purse back when I had an office job. I bought it in Milan when I went to Italy, just me and my mom, a kabillion years ago. It had a shoulder strap and a clear green bottom and was my prized possession. My boss HATED IT. She actually bought me a grown-up purse (it was black with a red horse-hair panel on the front) so that I would get rid of the astroturf purse. I loved that astropurse, though. It came in very handy. One time, at a book signing, I apparently missed my friends and co-workers, and they inquired at the bookstore if I’d been there by asking if a girl with an astroturf purse had been inside. They said yes. SPOTTED: ME. While chatting with my buddy Candace and waxing nostalgic about astroturf, I impulsively bought a new one from Amazon. I haven’t actually used it yet, like, outside my house, so I regretted the purchase for a while, but now that I see it put together with an outfit, I’m in love with it again! No regrets!! Just, too many purses… When I looked at the sad face on my t-shirt girl’s face, I wondered what necklace could cheer her up. Clearly, corn dogs. This one was sent to me by Tiny Hands and smells like maple syrup (thank you for […]

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WIWT: Rocko’s Modern Tights

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Do you ever just wake up and think, “I really want to wear yellow tights today!?” I DO. I DID. To be honest, I don’t put a lot of thought into what I’m wearing most days. If it’s front of me, I’m gonna put it on, and that’s what happened with this Rocko’s Modern Life muscle shirt!  Manda and I were at Target looking at bathing suits last week, and I spotted a rack with some muscle shirts on it. I am a big fan of the muscle shirt because they are comfy and there is a lot of ventilation for my arm pits (sorry, it’s true, I need ventilation there).  I picked up this one as well as an Empire Strikes Back one. Comfy comfy comfy!! We also ended up seeing New Order that night, and at the last minute, I threw on a hot-pink Members Only jacket. I definitely felt like a walking highlighter marker!! Oh well!! Shirt: Target, Shorts: ModCloth, Tights: We Love Colors, Boots: F21, Headband/usamimi: American Apparel, Carrot scarf: Yummy You!

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WIWT: Polka Dot Peplums & Shorts

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Sorry this is another non-crochet-related post!! I’m still furiously plugging away at a lot of fun projects and collabs. One will be revealed next week! 😉 Today was pretty warm in my house, and I have to do laundry, so I started pulling out some clothes from the depths of my wardrobe. This cute peplum top is really fun. I love a peplum on a shirt! And I love me some polka dots! BUT, it buttons in the back, so I have to dislocate my shoulder and grow a third arm to button my own shirt. Shorts are definitely not something I wear a lot with just naked skin underneath. But I was the only one home, and I wasn’t trying to impress anybody, and my legs are unshaved, but whatever!!! I am really insecure about my bottom half (I am sure I have blogged about this before) because I feel like I have fat knees and big thighs and big calves and cankles and bow legs.  Everything is also just getting bigger and weirder on my body as I approach the big 4-0, but I try to remember that beauty doesn’t just look like one thing, and that I should wear shorts if it’s hot and I need to! Um, but we are going out later tonight, and I will be putting on some tights or pants and re-doing my hair. Sorry. That’s just how it goes. When I got dressed today, I thought I was going to be sitting on the floor and crocheting in hermit-town. And taking an outfit photo for posterity. Cuz, I buttoned this damn top. And I am rarely this un-accessorized, but I still felt like it was a pretty cute outfit (minus the old lady up-do.) I realize there is an element of narcissism with selfie-culture and with outfit photos, but I think the positive side of that is making an attempt to love your body and be okay with workin’ with what ya got and letting other people know it’s ok for them to wear shorts, too. I especially wanted to post the shorts because they look kind of flared out at the bottom on some people, but on us juicy-thighed mamas, they are still pretty snug all around! They are definitely stretchy, tho, so they are not torture chambers of denim. Have a great weekend everybody!!! <3 *** Peplum top: Forever 21 (from a while ago), High-waisted shorts: ModCloth, Shoes: ModCloth (similar)

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WIWT: Farmer Batman

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I almost forgot I took these photos!! After I shot the apron photos, I threw on this super casual outfit, which I dubbed: Farmer Batman. Manda texted me from Target, showing me photos of these overall shorts that she was buying, and I told that I wanted one, too! Personal shopping, whatwhat! As it turns out, she and I also have the same leggings because we bought them once while shopping together. I wore this cute Barbie tank top underneath (the apron, too!). How was your weekend? I spent most of it helping Manda to apartment-hunt in San Francisco. It is so dismal out there. Like, not a lot of listings, and everything is outrageously expensive! At least we had some good laughs, and some good food! (Hello, birthday cake milk shake!) Overalls: Target, Tank top: I’m Your Present, Leggings: H&M, Shoes: Forever21

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WIWT: Baking & Destroying in Dottie’s Diner

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Dottie from Dottie’s Diner asked if I would model an apron for her, and after checking out her shop, I said, yes of course of course!!! She also sent the cherry thigh-highs as well as a cute tutu to go underneath. So thoughtful!

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WIWT: Potato Chips & Soup!

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It. Was. HOT. TODAY!!! I know it gets way hotter in other cities, but this is pretty hot for us here at 90 degrees. Bibi was laid out on the floor, and when I touched her belly, it was super warm! The idea of getting dressed was a huge bummer, and I ended up throwing on this strange ensemble! Soup and Chips! Here’s the story behind the tunic top: It’s from Uniqlo maybe last year. I got the email for it, immediately went online to see it, and it was already sold out in my size. Hairy works somewhat close to the Uniqlo downtown, so I asked if he could pop in and see if they had one in the store. They had one more, and it was on the mannequin, and that’s what I’m wearing now! I don’t wear the tunic a lot, because I haven’t really figured it out. It seems kind of shapeless and weird to me without a belt, but I don’t own a belt that seems to make it look any better….! I need belt help! I’ve had the potato chip necklace for years. It’s by the wondermous Tatty Devine, and I think this style is so old that it’s no longer available, but there is a ton of other neato stuff on the website. I also bought one for Manda, which I think she never wears. I should auction that sucka off on eBay! RARE POTATO CHIPS. MY FAVORITE KIND! *** Soup yunic: Uniqlo, Chip necklace: Tatty Devine, Usamimi headbow: free with purchase from ModCloth, Belt: eBay, ankle socks: Sock Dreams, Shoes: The White Pepper

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WIWT: Rock ‘n Roll High School with Aymmy in the Batty Girls

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Last weekend, I met up with friends for brunch, and then we went to Japantown to shop and take photobooth pictures (and buy cupcakes!). At the New People building in JTown, I saw the most amazing varsity jacket with embroidery depicting tigers eating cheeseburgers. WHAT!! I was like, “WE ALL NEED TO BUY THIS JACKET.” Then, I looked at the price tag and said, “Okay, maybe we can all share one….” The brand was Aymmy in the Batty Girls. I’m completely in love with the whole spirit of the brand, based on a highschool girl named Aymmy who loves punk rock and zombie movies and either lives in the 50s or is obsessed with the 50s. I can’t read the Japanese on the site, so I don’t know the whole story, but they did translate it onto a piece of paper at the store, but I didn’t read the whole thing! They have a pop-up in the New People building, and you can see toooons of their products, from tshirts to jackets to cheerleader skirts to backpacks to rompers. So many goodies! Since the embroidered jacket was super out of my price range, I opted for the cheeseburger tshirt that I couldn’t stop thinking about. I probably could have left without buying anything, but then Mars grabbed the cheerleader skirt, and Steph grabbed the junk food romper, and I didn’t want to feel left out! I figured the shirt might not fit anyway, because Japanese clothes are small, and sometimes my arms don’t fit in the arm holes, but I guess it’s supposed to be a super loose-fit shirt, and my limbs fit in there just fine. SOLD! I paired my burger shirt with rolled up skinnies, sequins Converse, ruffle ankle socks, a high pony, and heart glasses. Super casual but super fun! I usually feel that skinny jeans and flat shoes make me feel squatty and chubby, but I think they just fit the theme too well! P.S. Stay tuned for my Mother’s Day present YouTube tutorial! The project is kinda out-there, but it’s what I’m actually making for my own mom :). Shirt: Aymmy in the Batty Girls, Jeans: Modcloth, Shoes: Converse (similar), Ankle socks: can’t remember, maybe F21 or ASOS?, Head Scarf: Modcloth, Burger scarf: made by me, Heart sunnies: eBay.  

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WIWT: Gloomy Donuts & Happy Candy

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I know this is the same outfit I was wearing in my previous post, but I just wanted to highlight the outfit, because, I kinda like it a lot! The dress is from the Target Girls section, and I can barely squeak into it (there’s no zipper or closure, and barely room for boobs, so it’s good I don’t have any), but it’s the PERFECT shade of pink!!! I was experimenting with a pink donut and wondered what I wanted to make with it (piggies weren’t really calling to me), so I turned it into a Gloomy Bear donut. My necklace is by Fatally Feminine, who is also my collab partner on the Yummy You! marshmallow charm bracelet. Confession: I wasn’t wearing any shoes. Great outfit photo, right? But I was mostly focused on shooting some scarves and stuff for a magazine due out this summer. I hope you all have a great weekend! I think we are having a picnic on Sunday! Hmmm, what to wear!? Dress: Target girls, Gloomy Bear Donut: made by me, Hair bow: Miss Alphabet, Necklace: Fatally Feminine Designs 

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WIWT: Little Twin Star Sweater from JapanLA Clothing

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YOU GUYS. This is the most magicalest sweater!!!!!! It’s the new Little Twin Stars Lurex Knit Sweater from JapanLA clothing and Sanrio. It’s probably the most perfect sweater on the planet. It also has metallic sparkle running through it! I was afraid the metallic sparkle would make the sweater itchy. I’m really sensitive to itchy clothing, and I don’t find this itchy at all! Also, I washed this and let it air dry, and I was worried that it would wrinkle, but it didn’t! I see this sweater modeled often without any pants or anything underneath, so I wondered what I would wear with it, as a person who needs to wear bottoms. I decided to keep it super casual with some jean shorts that I cut off last fall to go canoe-ing, my trusty black buckle boots, and some matching tights. I was picking through some Yummy You! scarves to pair with this when I go out for ramen later tonight with Tiffany Star & co, but it was a bit busy, so I stuck with this funny purple pompom scarf that was a present from Marissa. Sorry for the outfit posts and lack of crochet posts! I am indeed crocheting! I am working on a secret scarf sample for Yummy You (cross your fingers… it would be a really cool collab, and sometimes these collabs don’t happen). I also just finished a pattern for a fun new hair clip/head piece, so stay tuned for that! Sweater: JapanLA Clothing, Headband: made by me!, Tights: We Love Colors

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WIWT: Icecream & Marshmallows

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I actually wore this  a few days ago, but just got around to editing the photos! I am playing with some of the new photo actions from A Beautiful Mess. I purchased the Fresh Collection and used Phoenix on the photos below. The amazing ice cream dress is from F21 last year. It reminds me of AhoyMiss because she was wearing it at The Blogcademy in L.A. I didn’t wear it for a long time because I needed to tack it in the front so it wouldn’t billow open, and I finally did that a few minutes before leaving for dinner last Thursday with my family and my cousin from Hong Kong. Also, I didn’t know how to deal with the open back. I really need to just pick up a camisole somewhere, but in the meantime, I wore a pink lace bralette from Victoria’s Secret Pink over my bra. It still has an underweary look, which isn’t my favorite, but for some reason it seems better to me than just an ugly bra strap!I was excited to wear my Marshmallow Charms bracelet from Yummy You! I think it made a perfect pastel companion to the dress. I’m also wearing a dainty necklace which was a bridesmaid present from Elysse. This was one of those rare moments in my life that I thought, “I need a necklace that is not too crazy right now!” Am I mixing silver fun jewelry with gold serious jewelry? Yeah! Whatever! Go twirl! I love my polka dot leggings and cowboy boots because they are easy and comfy and lazy!! In my brain, they match everything. They do, right?! Dress: Forever21 (s0ld out) , Bracelet: Yummy You!, Necklace: Elysium Jewelry, Hair flower: Tarina Tarantino (Was there a smaller one? I think mine is smaller than the one I linked), Leggings: Uniqlo, Boots: TUK from ModCloth but they seem sold out now.  

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WIWT: The Grand Budapest Hotel

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We went to see Wes Anderson’s new movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, last night, and it was delightful, as always and expected! I had already been planning an outfit inspired by the Lobby Boy from the stills I’d seen on google, and I made my hat an hour before shooting these photos! I didn’t own much purple clothing aside from a ruffly hippie dress, so I scoured Etsy for some vintage. My jumper/overalls dress wasn’t quite vintage (the brand is Arizona!), but it definitely looked like something I would continue to wear all the time. It’s so comfy! The shirt and lady-tie are from ASOS from maybe a year or two ago. I keep forgetting to wear it, but I feel super dapper in it! I crocheted the hat and embroidered the lettering. A sour cream container is providing the structure underneath. I really love crocheted head pieces because I can just stab through the crochet stitches with bobby pins to secure hats like this to my head. I kind of was into wearing this hat. I need to think of a version I can wear on a more everyday basis! So if you are in the mood for a movie with a murder mystery, impeccable styling & sets, and tons of quirky characters, go see The Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend!

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WIWT: Romy & Michelle’s 20th High School Reunion

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Seriously, my 20th high school reunion would be this year! Jeez! Anyway! This weekend, Tiffany threw a New Wave party, and Manda and I went as all out as we possibly could with some last-minute planning and prep. We did a lot of internet research on what New Wave/New Romantic fashion was supposed to look like, but I ended up feeling more like a drunk attendee at an 80s wedding. The most cool part was that we bought bubble wrap at Walgreens, and Manda fashioned me the most awesome bubble wrap bolero in 20 minutes! And might I add: IT WAS VERY WARM. I started sweating profusely at the party, because I was basically a WALKING GREENHOUSE. I was like, “Throw some beans in me!” Before going home, we ducked into El Rio really quickly to use the photobooth. Note to all: do not go to bars while wearing bubble wrap, because all the drunk people will want to touch you. But if you are into that, then wear ALL THE BUBBLE WRAP!! Dress: I’m Your Present, Shoes: Irregular Choice, Studded Fingerless Mitts: AmmeB, Sunglasses: eBay, Necklace: that really blingy girlie cheap jewelry store in the Haight  

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