WIWT: Potato Chips & Soup!

SoupChips1It. Was. HOT. TODAY!!!

I know it gets way hotter in other cities, but this is pretty hot for us here at 90 degrees. Bibi was laid out on the floor, and when I touched her belly, it was super warm!

The idea of getting dressed was a huge bummer, and I ended up throwing on this strange ensemble! Soup and Chips!

Here’s the story behind the tunic top: It’s from Uniqlo maybe last year. I got the email for it, immediately went online to see it, and it was already sold out in my size. Hairy works somewhat close to the Uniqlo downtown, so I asked if he could pop in and see if they had one in the store. They had one more, and it was on the mannequin, and that’s what I’m wearing now!

SoupChips2I don’t wear the tunic a lot, because I haven’t really figured it out. It seems kind of shapeless and weird to me without a belt, but I don’t own a belt that seems to make it look any better….! I need belt help!

I’ve had the potato chip necklace for years. It’s by the wondermous Tatty Devine, and I think this style is so old that it’s no longer available, but there is a ton of other neato stuff on the website. I also bought one for Manda, which I think she never wears. I should auction that sucka off on eBay! RARE POTATO CHIPS. MY FAVORITE KIND!


Soup yunic: Uniqlo, Chip necklace: Tatty Devine, Usamimi headbow: free with purchase from ModCloth, Belt: eBay, ankle socks: Sock Dreams, Shoes: The White Pepper

4 Comments on “WIWT: Potato Chips & Soup!”

  • Fiona


    Ahh now I just want chips 😛 I think the white belt looks cute not sure how better to improve/cute-ify it!

  • That hairband looks so good with your hair colour
    I think the white belt looks cute

  • Kailey


    I am not over how perfect that necklace is omg. And I love your scarf!! <333

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