WIWT: Gloomy Donuts & Happy Candy

Gdonut5I know this is the same outfit I was wearing in my previous post, but I just wanted to highlight the outfit, because, I kinda like it a lot!

The dress is from the Target Girls section, and I can barely squeak into it (there’s no zipper or closure, and barely room for boobs, so it’s good I don’t have any), but it’s the PERFECT shade of pink!!!

I was experimenting with a pink donut and wondered what I wanted to make with it (piggies weren’t really calling to me), so I turned it into a Gloomy Bear donut.

My necklace is by Fatally Feminine, who is also my collab partner on the Yummy You! marshmallow charm bracelet.

GD1Confession: I wasn’t wearing any shoes. Great outfit photo, right? But I was mostly focused on shooting some scarves and stuff for a magazine due out this summer.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I think we are having a picnic on Sunday! Hmmm, what to wear!?

Dress: Target girls, Gloomy Bear Donut: made by me, Hair bow: Miss Alphabet, Necklace: Fatally Feminine Designs 

7 Comments on “WIWT: Gloomy Donuts & Happy Candy”

  • You look too cute! I love the Gloomy Bear donut! Great job!
    I just realised I’ve got loads of that sellers work in my Etsy faves!
    I love her cotton candy necklace
    Have a lovely weekend

  • Rebecca Lancaster


    OMG! I thought I recognized this dress! I bought it for my daughter for Easter. I have a pink sugar cookie hair clip from you that would be cute with it but her hair is fine right now, it doesn’t stay in.

  • Fiona


    Ah you’re lucky you can squeeze into cute pink dresses, sometimes I really wish for little boobs 😛 Gloomy bear donut is super awesome so is the necklace – love the little gumball machine!

  • LOVE the outfit and that jewellery is fabulously yummy.

  • Angela Nelson


    Love the outfit. Glad I am not the only adult buying clothes from kids section! Happy Easter, xo from Australia

  • Emi Gurumi


    This made me laugh! I have a shirt from the girls section too (though I don’t think it was from Target). I HAD to get it because it had little cupcakes all over it. Why is it that only little girls get all the cute stuff? Just because I’m near 30 doesn’t mean that I don’t want rainbows and ponies on my clothes! xP Anyway, your outfit is definitely yummy. I really like it. =)

    • TwinkieChan


      I totally agree! When I bring Yummy You! to meetings, everyone assumes it’s a little-girls brand, and I am like….NO NO NO YOU DON’T GET IT!!!!! 😛

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