WIWT: Romy & Michelle’s 20th High School Reunion

nw13Seriously, my 20th high school reunion would be this year! Jeez! Anyway! This weekend, Tiffany threw a New Wave party, and Manda and I went as all out as we possibly could with some last-minute planning and prep. We did a lot of internet research on what New Wave/New Romantic fashion was supposed to look like, but I ended up feeling more like a drunk attendee at an 80s wedding.

The most cool part was that we bought bubble wrap at Walgreens, and Manda fashioned me the most awesome bubble wrap bolero in 20 minutes! And might I add: IT WAS VERY WARM. I started sweating profusely at the party, because I was basically a WALKING GREENHOUSE. I was like, “Throw some beans in me!”


nw9smnw5smnw4smnw2smnw1smnw8smBefore going home, we ducked into El Rio really quickly to use the photobooth. Note to all: do not go to bars while wearing bubble wrap, because all the drunk people will want to touch you. But if you are into that, then wear ALL THE BUBBLE WRAP!!

Dress: I’m Your Present, Shoes: Irregular Choice, Studded Fingerless Mitts: AmmeB, Sunglasses: eBay, Necklace: that really blingy girlie cheap jewelry store in the Haight


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12 Replies to “WIWT: Romy & Michelle’s 20th High School Reunion”

  1. Amazing! What a fun party!
    You both look amazing!
    In the 3rd pic Manda looks like one of the The Misfits from Jem!

    1. Twinkie Chan! says:

      OMG we are definitely more like “Jem’s 40th birthday party” HAHAHAHA

  2. Tracy Marie says:

    You all look so darn CUTE! Looks like you had a great time, too! TFS! 😀

  3. Fiona says:

    lol, I’d probably be tempted to want to pop your jacket too 😛 So awesome and creative! Can I be shameful and say I wouldn’t really know what new wave style was 😛

    1. Twinkie Chan! says:

      Don’t worry. We did a lot of googling as well! I didn’t know how to differentiate between New Wave and the 80s in general. I don’t think we really got it, but we did what we were able to!

  4. Nathalie says:

    Looks like it was fun!
    I was not even invited to my 20th high school reunion…I guess our dislike was mutual 😉 And I actually had that dress Manda is wearing, well, one fairly similar…Only I had remodeled the top part and it was holding with suspenders (wondering if my fashion sense had anything to do with not being invited LOL)

  5. SO FUN! And you both are beautiful!

    1. I was at the post office today and noticed they have a wall of colored bubble wrap – I probably would have never even noticed if I hadnt see this post yesterday lol ox

      1. Twinkie Chan! says:

        Colorful wrap would have been so great for a jacket!!! AH next time!! hheheheh

  6. Steph says:

    I thought of Jem/The Misfits too. The hair and make-up is outrageous! This looks super fun and I LOVE your bubble-wrap bolero. 🙂

  7. pauline says:

    The Cure, Joy Division, Velvet Underground, the Smiths,… love, love, love! May not be considered the same genre, but who cares? Their music is THE BEST! 😀

  8. pauline says:

    Ps- your buddy in the suspenders? Reminds me of Captain Sensible from the Damned! They’re been around since the late 70s, used to sneak in shows with the clash and the lot out there. Ive seen them in nyc and va, and got to meet Dave Vanian and the Captain both shows. He signed my shirt and wrote “phil collins is a wanker”. Haha!

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