WIWT: The Grand Budapest Hotel

We went to see Wes Anderson’s new movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, last night, and it was delightful, as always and expected! I had already been planning an outfit inspired by the Lobby Boy from the stills I’d seen on google, and I made my hat an hour before shooting these photos!

GB1GB2GB3I didn’t own much purple clothing aside from a ruffly hippie dress, so I scoured Etsy for some vintage. My jumper/overalls dress wasn’t quite vintage (the brand is Arizona!), but it definitely looked like something I would continue to wear all the time. It’s so comfy!

GB4GB6The shirt and lady-tie are from ASOS from maybe a year or two ago. I keep forgetting to wear it, but I feel super dapper in it! I crocheted the hat and embroidered the lettering. A sour cream container is providing the structure underneath. I really love crocheted head pieces because I can just stab through the crochet stitches with bobby pins to secure hats like this to my head. I kind of was into wearing this hat. I need to think of a version I can wear on a more everyday basis!

GB5So if you are in the mood for a movie with a murder mystery, impeccable styling & sets, and tons of quirky characters, go see The Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend!

12 Comments on “WIWT: The Grand Budapest Hotel”

    • TwinkieChan


      Thank you, LA! <3

  • You look so cute!
    You should totally start making hats! What a great idea!

  • Danielle


    Lurrrve it! Next time we get together we have to dress up and see a movie!

  • Fiona


    oh my gosh A++
    Your outfit is so awesome and I love that you went to all that effort, I can’t wait till it comes out in Australia, so excited!!

  • Skerrington


    Super cute!!

  • Becky


    That first photo is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

  • Kim


    So cute!

  • bbgirl3191


    Lol. Your hat reminds me of Doctor Who! Fezzes are cool!

  • Lela


    You are THE BEST. I absolutely adore this outfit (and the movie!)


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