WIWT: Katniss Inspired Shrug by My Auntie Em Made It

AuntieEmYou know you’ve seen them, and you know you wanted one, and here’s the best one!

One of my wonderful crochet elves Emy has her own Etsy shop, My Auntie Em Made It or Rosemary’s Baby MEK, and she has a great version of the Katniss-inspired shrug! I asked if she could make me one in PINK, and I totally am in love with this Katniss-In-Candyland confection! It has an amazing fit (no weird droopy spots, which I feel I’ve seen in some versions of this) and is really cozy without making me break out into a sweater-sweat. I also really like that incorporates both knit and crochet. (Sorry about the weird/bad photoshop on the shirt I’m wearing underneath… there was part of an image of a girl kneeling, and it just looked kinda bad out of context…!)

For you yarn-lovers, this yarn is Biggo from KnitPicks. It’s 50% superwash merino and 50% nylon. Super soft and lofty! (Although it looks like this pink is now discontinued, boo!)

9 Comments on “WIWT: Katniss Inspired Shrug by My Auntie Em Made It”

  • Fiona


    Looks super cosy and the pink colour is killer 🙂 Talented lady!

  • Angie


    Oooo. I want one! That is so pretty.

  • Shanequa


    Adorable,but can i ask what you mean by Katniss-Inspired? Do you mean Katniss from the Hungar Game series/movies or another Katniss? oh and what makes a shrug different from a sweater?
    FYI- I haven`t Watch the second moive the Mockingjoy so if you have NO spoilers

    • Shanequa


      Or the Third movie Catching fire if it is out already. But still no spoilers NOT even if i change my mind and beg you. You have to be strong for the both of us i`m afraid because i`m a spoiler alert begger and it can`t be helped!

    • The costume team has Katniss in a grey shrug like this in the second movie from the Hunger Games. (I don’t remember a discription of it in the book though).

      A shrug usually encompasses the top half (especially the shoulders), where as a sweater would be full-torso. Like a tailored shawl.

      • Shanequa


        Thanks Joie Fatale for telling me.It really helped. Why the Spolier though T^T.

  • I like it, it is very comfy…. is there any pattern to it please????

  • Katniss-in-Candyland! Oh man that sounds like a much better story! I would quite like to read “Katniss in Wonderland”… imagine the Red Queen’s face!

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