Twinkie HGTV = BUGS!!!! (video)

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When we moved in, there was already a rock garden out on the patio, filled with moss and ferns. It was kinda nice, but, Hairy thinks that the flies hide in the ferns, and Bunny also likes to have secret mystery poos and pees in it. It has just become too dark and mysterious, and we decided to remove it and decorate the patio with more manageable planters instead. Also, technically, the rock garden was in violation of fire code, because it blocks our neighbors emergency egress (suckas!). We had no idea how the rock garden was constructed, what materials we would find, or what to expect…. It’s too bad I didn’t capture ALL the bugs we saw. It was truly disgusting. I can handle spiders….but I cannot handle juicy, wiggly, worms and larvae!!! EWWW!! Bunny continues to poo and pee on the remaining dirt pile, so it’s a good incentive to keep getting rid of this thing….

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More video….from Renegade Craft Fair!

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Some explanations: 1) Heaven in a Cardboard Boat: Manda had said this seconds earlier, and I found it so funny at the time (the sheer, honest, love for hot dogs), that I asked her to repeat herself on camera. It’s not quite the same as the original…. 2) Take the Picture!!! : We didn’t realize (again) that the camera was on video mode. I was trying to pose with the sweet gal who asked me to sign her Layer Cake Tissue Cozy. 3) Eat it!!!: Hairy procured a cupcake from the cupcake booth. The one he is eating is called the CRAP CAKE. 4) This Is Our World Coming into Fruition!!!: Manda, while bored, decided to pick up q crochet hook after a 20 year hiatus. I was impressed she could remember as much as she did! It started as sort of a flower, and then sort of exploded into an amoeba……I asked her to ponder its yonder. 5) Is it ALL video?: No explanation. 6) (spitting out your turkey sandwich): So this came from my phobia of eating at our booth. I don’t think anybody was actually paying attention to what I was doing, but I just felt like I was eating on stage or something, and I didn’t want to have to chat with someone with bread sticking to my teeth. One time I was taking a bite, and I accidentally made eye-contact with somebody walking by, and I wanted to immediately eject my sandwich. I told Manda I would demonstrate on video. VIOLA! HotDogs & CrapCakes,

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Watch Hairy Molest an Ice Cream Cone Cupcake (BBQ video!)

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Double Bday BBQ Montage! from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo. The Hamster Dance song came from when Manda and I were at Safeway shopping for a bday card from my bro-bro. Manda was obsessed with the cards that play songs when you open them. We saw one covered in hamsters and I started singing the Hamster Dance song in the grocery store. The End!

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My MacBook’s Bogus Journey & Most Triumphant Return (video)

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Longest, Boringest Update Ever. from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo. Sorry the video is so long. If you’ve ever been a victim of some of my emails, you know I have a bad habit of being longwinded!!! Here’s the hat I was talking about in color! I really wish I wore hats. It’d be easier for me to experiment with making them! I have a styrofoam head, but it’s not quite the same! With the return of my laptop, we also tried watching a movie instantly on Netflix while running a video cable from my laptop to our flatscreen. It worked really well!! We just need an audio cable, now….hahahh…. we were watching the tv but the sound was still coming out of the laptop. Janky!!! We watched Tokyo Zombie, an episode of the IT Crowd (A-Team references? Noice!), and Short Circuit. Then it was 6am and time to pack it in! Today I hope to get close to finishing my secret project. All I’m gonna say is: Rawr. “Life is not a malfunction!”

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Crocheting Layer Cakes at the Shooting Range

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‘Kay, this is really random, but on Saturday we ended up going to a shooting range with my dad, his friend, my bro, and his lady, and my bro’s friend. This is not really a normal activity for us. I went once, a couple years ago, and I did shoot a gun. I was really bad at hitting the target, so I kind of just gave up. This time, I crocheted the whole time and was afraid I was embarrassing everybody! I’m a pew-pew party-pooper! Hairy was a sport and shot all manner of guns even tho it seemed to kind of go against his political/personal thoughts on gun control. At any rate, I don’t mean to start up a big discussion about guns, etc. This is just what we happened to end up doing, and, in a weird way, the whole scene was funny to me because it was just such an odd picture, to see people I know with real weapons! Here’s a short video clip of Hairy and me walking down the hill toward the range. I didn’t take any video of anyone actually shooting. I was afraid the super loud noise would kill my camera’s mic or something…! Mando “let’s take a pic of ourselves” pic: Hairy and my Bro: Hairy with a scary gun: Hairy with a scarier gun: Hairy with ammo in his butt: That shot was especially gangsta. My sister in law. She’s also an attorney, so stay on her good side. I spent the rest of the weekend crocheting cake tissue boxes. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your opinions and feedback on the sprinkles! I did not make an official tally for sprinkles vs sprinkles votes….but it really feels quite evenly split. I’ve been toying with a few alternative sprinkle methods, but I have not yet affixed any sprinkles….I am going to complete all the boxes, and then take a step back and re-assess! They are almost all done now, except for whipped cream and cherries, since I ran out of yarn and need to go to the store tomorrow. Tonight we also went to Loew’s to buy some plexiglass and get it cut, in order to create an extra shelf inside the vintage fridge for more display area. Also a tap light so it won’t be super dark in there!! Things are slowly shaping up. I can’t believe how much I let this fair take up my life! haha!! Afterward, I am going to be knee-deep in writing my pattern book, since it’s due in October! At least I think it is….I haven’t officially signed any contracts yet. We wrote some notes on the contract and I haven’t heard anything back yet. This is par for the course, tho. Contracts can take forever, and I’ve seen situations where people have delivered their manuscripts before even signing anything, and then they get their signing and delivery payment all at once! Monday will be all about finishing the tissue boxes, making more […]

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Puttin’ on my face! (video)

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A lot of gals, espesh on MySpace, have asked me about my makeup and how I do it. I do not know how to put on makeup at all, and I just do what I do because it’s fast and simple for me and hides what I want to hide! 😛 I have always wanted to be a low maintenance gal. I didn’t wear any kind of makeup in highschool. I dabbled in eyeliner in college, and then when my mom and I went to get fun makeovers at the Prescriptives counter sometime shortly after, she said I looked better with my eyebrows done! I was never a lipstick girl. I think it brings more attention to my crooked teeth! I have hardly any eyebrows or eyelashes, so I feel like a big old alien when I have no makeup on. I do not leave the house without eyeliner! When I was 14, I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder which also gave me the bug eyes that I have today (I used eyeshadow in order to hide the appearance of my upper lids puffing a little bit over my eyeline). I think the hyperthyroidism, plus years and years of lack of proper sleep, have given me wicked under-eyebags, which are embarrassingly obvious in this video (yes, I photoshop them in photos…who needs to see that?! yuck!). If anyone out there has any pointers about eyebags, please let me know!!! I’ve tried many creams, etc, and nothing really helps at all, so I’m thinking that nothing really works anyway! Okay okay, enough dancing around the topic of my gross, un-made-up face! On to the video. Super Janky Makeup Video from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

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“Watch out boy, she’ll chew you up!”

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I shrug at this entire post. I don’t like to abandon my blog for too long, but I have too much Photoshop homework to do on a time crunch, so I haven’t been crocheting much or taking any pictures or going through vacation stuff. I kind of don’t remember why on earth I bought this Maneater shirt. I probably thought it was funny at the time, but now I’m like, Hunh? So here’s a really horrible video for you to enjoy today! I guess the other moral of the story is: don’t ever take me dancing. I *will* snap my fingers. A lot.

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Fun Stuff Round Up & Bibi Video

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1. Gold Ruffle Skirt by Skycreations on Etsy 2. Sprinkle Bangle by Starsprinklez on Etsy. 3. Jelly Bean earrings by Roscata on Etsy. (I WILL get a pair of these!! If they sell out before I get to, I am going to harass Roscata!!) 4. Panda Top by radclothing on Etsy. 5. Hot Pink Rose Hairclip by emandsprout on Etsy. 6. Big Rainbow Taffy hair bow by Sassafrasgifts on Etsy. 7. Barbie T ennis Bubble Dress by 123LaLaLovely on Etsy. 8. Cute Foodie Cabochons like this lot sold by SweetStrawberryLand on Etsy. I want to glue these all over everything in my bedroom! AAAAaaaand cuz you won’t be getting any Bibi for two weeks (and neither will I!!!!), here’s Bibi from this afternoon, hoggin’ up my space. Convo with Bibi from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo. Okay, everybody take care!!! When Hairy, my family, and I get back from Europe I am sure I will have fun pics and food adventures, and hopefully, my favorite, an awful vacation montage! YAY!!!

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Bibi Plays Dead (video)

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It was bathtime for Bibi again! We have to bathe her once a week. It helps her be less itchy when she gets her special shampoos and lotionz. You’d think that this regular bathing would just desensitize her to the whole process, but the older she gets, the worse she gets!!!!! Tonight, she played dead for the first time. She had her tail between her legs, and SHE WAS EVEN SQUINTING HER LITTLE EYES CLOSED!!!!. It killed me. Hairy said she was putting on a show, and I just thought she was terrified. If she were putting on a show, I wonder where this behavior is learned? Just instinct? The squinty eyes just killed me. It’s like on TV, when a kid is supposed to be dead or asleep, but the kid’s eyes are just squinty and trembly because they can’t act very well. Too bad I couldn’t get the eyes on my phone cam! Eventually I lured her upstairs with a freeze dried banana chip.

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Most Boring Video Ever: YARN SHOPPING….

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Yeah, so, I though it might be fun to “take” my blog yarn shopping with me by shooting secret video with my cell phone on my adventures. The only problem is that I’m too scared/shy to video myself with my phone in a public place, plus I don’t want to get yelled at because I know many stores don’t want you to take pics inside. Also I’m pretty sure I look like a commie freak craft-store spy, so I’d be in deep dim sum if I got caught! You do get a nice, fuzzy, barely audible soundbite inside of Michael’s craft store, but…..I’m tellin you…that’s the high point. I’ll try to do better next time! Yarn Shopping! from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo. I ended up buying like 5 bags of crap, and I shipped it all off today to my helper elves (yes, I has elves…TWO!). I’ve never boxed up that much yarn in my life. It was amazing. It was like 10+ lbs of fibrous, crafty potential. I haven’t even bought the yarn yet that I need for myself!! I’ve been writing out patterns for my elves, and I also need to write new patterns for some new stuff I want to try for the craft fair (mixed candy scarves!). I think one of the funniest parts of my patterns are the horrible little drawings I create to try and help illustrate my instructions. I think they probably end up making everything even MORE confusing!!! They crack me up sometimes. Don’t worry, graphic designers! I won’t be quitting my (nonexistent) day job!

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Bibi Sawin’ Some Logs (video)

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When Bibi was a pup, she snored REALLY LOUDLY. It was kind of comforting because we knew what she was up to! I read online that Shar Peis often grow out of their snoring as their schnozzes develop, so I was a bit sad that Bibi snored much less as the months went by. But sometimes you can catch her buzzing away like a fat bumblebee. I love it!

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Bibi’s Short Horror Film (video)

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I’m not sure what could possibly be more horrifying to Bibi than BATH TIME!!!!! This is the dog who even loves going to the VET!

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Waking Up with Bibi (video)

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This is what I wake up to sometimes: Bibi in bed next to me, with her head on the other pillow. I find this so endearing, every time!!!!! Today Manda and I had lunch at El Farrolito in the Mission, then Safeway to buy tissue boxes for cozies, then to Office Depot to a new printer cartridge, and then to Fabric Discount where I bought heart buttons for cute-tility pack noses!! I was complaining to Manda about how expensive my printer ink refills are (I have a photo printer, it was a present), and she suggested maybe buying a different printer with cheaper ink for my every day printing. I thought this was brilliant. We saw an HP printer/scanner at Office Depot for $80, with ink cartridges for under $20. I’m very interested, but Hairy also wants to research more on Amazon. This weekend is bat mitzvahs and family bbqs!

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Bibi’s Mouth is a Black Hole (video)

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I first knew that Bibi’s mouf was amazing when she was just a wee pup. One time she opened her mouth up for a puppy yawn and all these little rainbow mini pom poms fell out of her chops. I don’t think she had any idea they were still in there. She continues to have things falling out or hanging off of her moufparts. There are so many folds and wrinklez in there that you just can’t keep track of the real estate. Today, I caught her scratching her ear while a piece of green yarn was flapping around her mouth, and now, she just fell asleep with it still in there!!

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Manda’s Chrismuvalenteaster BBQ! (video)

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One of the weird things that Manda (Renee) and I decided to do one year was to delay our Christmas gift exchange in order to diffuse some of that Holiday pressure. At first we said we’d exchange gifts the following holiday: Valentine’s Day, but when V Day rolled around, none of us were ready with gifts yet! So we then celebrated our first St. Pattymas back on Stanford Avenue. I believe we decorated and had cookies and everything. From then on, Manda and I (not Renee since she moved away) continued to celebrate St. PattyMas. This year, we were a bit tardy, so Manda had a Spring bbq at her place (way after Easter!) and she and I exchanged gifties. Here is some video of the bbq. Sorry about not capturing everybody! I am still shy about using the camera and sticking it in people’s faces!

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Does your dog groom YOU?

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Bibi does this thing where she nibbles on people, Bunny, and furniture. I don’t know what it means in dog language. Sometimes it seems very loving and maternal, but I don’t think she perceives the couch as her baby, so, I don’t know? Also, Bunny doesn’t seem to like it so much, and then they start tussling if Bibi eats Bunny’s nits. What do you think?

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My New Alarm Clock Looks Just Like My Dog.

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Soooo, when we are dog sitting at Woodside, doggie-meal-time is a crazy, fevered, battle of survival to finish their food. Breakfast and dinner are over in mere minutes. However, here at home, Bunny likes to take her time, and she doesn’t even finish. However, after she eats her fill, she just guards the rest of her food, which drives Bibi insane. So Bibi lets me know that Bunny is up to no good, by whining for 10 minutes straight until I get up to take Bunny’s food away. Here’s a small sampling of Bibi’s musical morning stylings!

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Jiggly Pudding, Pasta Throwing, and SQUILLAS = HONG KONG MONTAGE!!!!

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First installment of Hong Kong Highlights! p.s. my shoot-em-up fingers in the intro + the music starting was not planned ahead! awesome.

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My Brand New Wiggy ‘Do (video)

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Okay, folks. So Hairy, My bro, Jaci, my pops, and I are traveling to the Far east next Tuesday for family stuffs. One portion will take place in a small village on a day to honor the deceased, so my mother insisted that I do not have pink hair for that day. She asked that I dye it back to a normal color, but I was already trying to dye the OLD black out of it from my brother’s wedding! So we decided to get a wig. We bought it yesterday from Discount Beauty Supply on Fillmore. The lady was REALLY helpful and sat me down in a chair to show me wigs and everything. My biggest fear about the wig is that I have a really weird face-to-head ratio. I have a big face, and a small head, which is why I try to tease my hair to kingdom come: to make my head match my huge face. But with a wig, your hair gets smushed down = alien head. Since this is a real human hair wig, I should be able to style it, but it’s quite thin and not a lot of hair to work with. I kinda don’t know what to do with it. All I know is that it keeps getting IN MY FACE and IN MY MOUF!!! YUCK!! RANDO HAIR IN MY MOUF!!! SO I definitely need to clip it to the side or cut some bangs into it. Thoughts? ALso I don’t know which way to put the part. I think it looks better on the side of my natural part, but the hairline actually looks better and the whole wig sits better on the other side. hmmm. Here’s a silly video. Seriously, the wig looks WAY WORSE in person. I didn’t sync up the music and clips very well, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it. It’s pretty funny anyway. Here ya go!

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