Waking Up with Bibi (video)

This is what I wake up to sometimes: Bibi in bed next to me, with her head on the other pillow. I find this so endearing, every time!!!!!

Today Manda and I had lunch at El Farrolito in the Mission, then Safeway to buy tissue boxes for cozies, then to Office Depot to a new printer cartridge, and then to Fabric Discount where I bought heart buttons for cute-tility pack noses!! I was complaining to Manda about how expensive my printer ink refills are (I have a photo printer, it was a present), and she suggested maybe buying a different printer with cheaper ink for my every day printing. I thought this was brilliant. We saw an HP printer/scanner at Office Depot for $80, with ink cartridges for under $20. I’m very interested, but Hairy also wants to research more on Amazon.

This weekend is bat mitzvahs and family bbqs!

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  • Howie


    Cute Bibi knows how to relax! 🙂

    For everyday printing, I use a Brother HL-2140 laser printer, which is under $80 on amazon. The refill cartridges are about $50, but they can each print thousands of pages (of B&W text). I hope that might be helpful for your printer search!

    Keep up the amazing sunshiny work 🙂

  • Mermaid


    My fat beagle (alice) does this too. Usually my boyfriend puts the blanket over her before he goes to work too.

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