Finding new trails with the doggies in Montara!

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Today, Hairy found a new place to walk the doggies in a town nearby called Montara. The trail is along a hill that overlooks the ocean and follows Highway 1.   It was really pretty there, but also SUPER BRIGHT. So I couldn’t really see the photos I was taking with the iPhone, since the screen just appeared black to me!   Afterward, we got a sandwich at this place called Gherkin’s Sandwich Shop, and they put little gherkins in your sammy instead of pickle slices, and they were really crispy and crunchy! We passed by a Peruvian restaurant called La Costanera which looks like a fun place to check out in the future. We also saw a neat BBQ shack and a place to get coffee and donuts inside an old train car. It’s funny all the little spots you can discover so close to your own city! P.S. After I wrote this entry, Hairy started swearing in the shower and then came out and said he had found a tick in his side. Then we all freaked out, and I checked myself and the pups but didn’t find any more. The place we hiked had a small woodland area that transitioned into a more open area with wild flowers and grasses. We stayed on the dirt trail and didn’t wander into the grassy parts, but you never know what’s dangling on a flower or blade of grass! Wear light clothing, tuck everything into everything else (like pants into socks) and check you and your furbabies immediately after a hike!

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Twinkie Chan’s Guide to Survival: POWER NAPS

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I know a lot of people who say, “I can’t nap.” They can’t fall asleep, or they sleep too long, or they feel gross coming out the nap and never recover. If I couldn’t nap, or if I refused to nap, I would DIE. I feel like I’m still paying my dues, work-wise, and I still work a million hours a day. On deadline days, this leaves little time to sleep. Last night, I slept from about 7:30am to 8:30am because I had a 9:30am meeting outside of the house. I had a deadline to finish a project and send it via UPS (4pm) anyway, so I was ok with this. But at about 1pm, I really needed a nap. So off I napped on the couch, from 1pm-2pm. Then, more work! Then I had a long-overdue crafty/pizza/chickflick hangout with Vivs. Then, I think I had a 45 minute nap around midnight. Then I was back up for more work. I feel pretty good, but I also had two cups of strong tea! VROOM VROOM! Ok, clearly this is not a lifestyle, this is not good for you, and I wouldn’t do it everyday, (plus don’t tell your mom cuz she’ll yell at you) but I’m thankful I can function this way, because I really needed those extra hours of work. Thank you, body! On a similar theme, here is a short video of Bibi snoring. I love how you can see her nose parts go in and out. She used to snore all the time as a puppy, and ten times more loudly. It used to worry me, but I looked up online that Shar Pei puppies may snore a lot when they are young, and then as their face parts grow out a bit, the snoring lessens, which was true for Bibi’s case. I find her snoring very comforting, though!

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Bibi Love

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Sometimes I forget to blog about Bibi. I figure you guys get sick of seeing pictures of her sleeping all the time (haha!) but she’s actually quite active and therefore hard to get a good picture of most times. Here are a few Bibi photos from my Instagram, as well as a short video of the two of us sharing one of her favorite treats: a banana. I can’t peel a banana or a hard-boiled egg without her running over, expecting a bite. We don’t normally feed our dogs people-food, but there are a few treats that Bibi knows I will for sure share!

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Just checking in!

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Hey Guys, Just checking in. Sorry for the blog-silence. There has been a lot of Yummy You! activity this week, plus I’m planning items for 2 events, one in June, one in July. Also, it seems that people are still running into a lot of problems with weird re-directs and stuff on my website, so, I’m spending the next few days designing a basic new site to put up so we can clean out the bad one. The fridge is going bye-bye. I love it so much, but now is the time to simplify. Maybe at some point down the line, I can have someone help me create a fun little Flash game or something using the fridge art. I have lots of fun giveaways (Twinkie Chan notebooks!) and photos to post, but I want to focus on cleaning up the website first. Thanks for your patience!!!! xo p.s. Space Bibi says hi from her astronaut helmet. She got in an argument with my parents’ dog again. No stitches this time. Just some tiny staples. We’re thinking of getting a dog-trainer to help us deal with their issues with each other!

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Bibi Has a BooBoo

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Sooo, Bibi has a cone on her head and some stitches in her face.   Rewind. When we moved into this house, the backyard was a wreck. Everything was super overgrown and neglected. After cleaning up the trees and bushes, we were left with a big ol slab of concrete in the middle of the yard, which gave the place a prison-basket-ball-court kind of feel. It was a bummer but I kind of ignored it and the entire backyard for a while. My mom took an interest in re-beautifying it, and helped me pick out and plant a bunch of new flowers and little bushes and ferns. It really helped! But we are now taking it a step further and ripping out half the concrete and putting in lawn! We’re also getting flagstones to cover the remaining cement. It is going to look spiffy out there! Anyway, during all the back yard work, I figured the dogs would be bummed to not be able to do their business whenever they wanted, so we planned to stay with my parents during this time. We were there for two nights, when my mom woke up in the morning and said, “Do you think we need to take Bibi to the vet?” I had been awake for a little bit but my eyes had been closed, so everything was still kinda blurry. I couldn’t see what the big deal was. All of a sudden, I freaked out! She had two HUGE bloody gashes on her head, right above the eye, and little scrolls of skin scrunched underneath. It wasn’t bleeding very much, which was weird, but I when you can see white-ish fatty tissue dangling off your baby’s face, you kinda want to hurl and pretend it’s not real. She didn’t seem to be in pain, though. There had been an altercation between Bibi and one of my parents’ dogs and he snapped at her. She has grown up around those dogs but nothing like this has happened before. She also has very thin, delicate skin, and not much hair to protect that skin, so she does run into bushes and stuff and rip gashes in her own skin, but I had never seen anything like this before. It was kind of shocking. The vet said she needed stitches and might have to go under general anesthesia, so they had to keep her for the day to empty her stomach out as much as possible so she wouldn’t barf from being anesthetized. I felt so bad leaving her at the vet in a crate all day with her face dangling off her skull. We picked her up later that evening, and she was super groggy, but my parents’ house is very stimulating and fun, and she kept trying to run around and do stuff with the other dogs, while she clearly would also start sagging and collapsing when standing still. We decided that I would take the dogs back to my house and […]

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Gettin’ Down To Bizness

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Here’s a short video of me and the dogs engaging in some very serious business. p.s. If you haven’t visited my blog for the last few days, don’t forget to check out my giveaway!

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Sharing is Caring

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Hairy and I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and bought a TON of food including fruits!! Here is me and Bibi sharing a banana today! She is crazy for bananas!

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Pick Your Friend’s Nose!

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Hairy said, “Hey, come over here and look at this,” and it turned out that Bibi had a piece of yarn sticking our of her nose. Occupational hazard: YARN GETS EVERYWHERE. Even in your dog’s nose. I wanted to see if I could capture the yarn blowing around with her breath, but I didn’t get any excellent footage with my phone cam!! Bibi vids of any sort are a must anyway: Also here is a shot of Bunny and Bibi, chillaxin in the kitchen: Now we are off to Tiffany and Daniel’s casa for movie night. I am going to eat all their Trader Joe’s snaxxx.

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Bibi Want Strawberry!!!

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I’m trying to eat more fruit, so I got some strawberries at Ranch 99 and started eating a few this afternoon. Since we don’t feed the dogs from the table, and not much human food at all (only raw or unseasoned sometimes-treats like rice or bananas or eggs), they are generally not overly interested in my snacks. But Bibi was SUPER interested in my strawberries, which was really weird! I looked online for a bit to see if strawberries were doggie-safe, and it looked like YES. Just not too much since it is acidic and can upset their tummies. Anyway, Bibi eating weird stuff is always funny to me. And yes, I DO spend too much time finding songs for my little videos!!! But I think this is Bibi’s new theme song.

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Bibi is the Indiana Jones of Tennis Balls

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Bibi has been finding all sort of old toys in random crannies of the house. Today she found an old tennis ball next to one of Hairy’s pairs of shoes and demanded I play fetch with her while I was trying to print out receipts for accounting!! I cannot deny her. Flickr, you so funny. Nice preview of my buttcrack.

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Here is a video clip of Bibi and I playing tuggy the other day. She especially likes to invite you to play tuggy when you are your most busy. Also, while I was working tonight, Love and Other Disasters came on the tube, and I saw My Dream Jacket!!!!! Does anybody know anything about this coat??!??!

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A little Bibi with your coffee?

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I am about to go to bed (4:30am) but I know a lot of you are already waking up (at least in other time zones)!!! Thought I’d share a little morning Bibi with you. Hairy says she gets the foot-dangling-off-the-bed thing from me! The dogs usually are not allowed to fall asleep on our bed at night (mandated by Hairy) but they somehow end up on there when I wake up! Bibi is really….. gooey and drooly, so the worst part is that she leaves her mouth goo ALL OVER THE SHEETS and even sometimes on my PILLOW (like when she asks for a morning spoon sesh). It’s ok. I still love her.

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WIWT – Super LoFi Style!

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So I was just going to try this on, and ended up deciding to wear it for the day. Fits perfectly!!! Originally it was strapless, but I asked if she would put straps on it. I’ll be the jerk at The Yeah Yeah Yeahs in a pink Barbie sweater dress. You’re welcome! Dress: morosemelonhead Necklace: Plastic Bat Hair bow: CutieDynamite So last night the new season of 90210 started. I think the show is terrible, but I’ve watched enough of it where I feel committed to watch it now. I can’t believe they got rid of Ethan. What the heck? Also, I’m a little over seeing Annie’s crazy-mad-frustrated-tormented face. The I-just-smelled-dog-poo face. What did you guys think of the new Melrose Place!? I’m so confused about how everyone is, cuz I was paying half-attention. I can’t believe Kostas from Traveling Pants is on it….and with no Greek accent!!! It boggles the mind, truly! I leave you with Bibi.

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Shit, son! It’s ON!!!!!!

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Ok, this blog entry of Hairy’s is funny to me, because I have been taking pics of him and Bibi napping together since Bibi was wee. I’ve been holding onto this gem for some time. Perfect moment to bust it out:

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WIWT and some Dog Butts

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Shirt: All-Mighty, ON SALE!! GET ONE!! Necklace: KidPirate Hair bow: Tarina Tarantino Denim capris: Forever 21 Sometimes I just don’t even know what face to make anymore. And sometimes, you just wear bunny slippers for the day. I leave you with this picture of my dogs’ bums. It made me giggle!

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Awesome Painting of Bibi!!!

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The most talented Chloe painted Bibi and it is so so so so cute!!!! I think she perfectly captured Bibi’s sweet face and all her lovable squishyness. You should check out more of her work because she paints all kinds of adorable things, like sweets and cupcakes! Big Paw Gifts Uh, sorry those are so huge….I ganked them and didn’t re-size them! AHHH!!!! I think we’re going to watch Bruno tonight. I’m off to go work on some cute-tility packs! xoxo,

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Fun Stuff Round Up & Bibi Video

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1. Gold Ruffle Skirt by Skycreations on Etsy 2. Sprinkle Bangle by Starsprinklez on Etsy. 3. Jelly Bean earrings by Roscata on Etsy. (I WILL get a pair of these!! If they sell out before I get to, I am going to harass Roscata!!) 4. Panda Top by radclothing on Etsy. 5. Hot Pink Rose Hairclip by emandsprout on Etsy. 6. Big Rainbow Taffy hair bow by Sassafrasgifts on Etsy. 7. Barbie T ennis Bubble Dress by 123LaLaLovely on Etsy. 8. Cute Foodie Cabochons like this lot sold by SweetStrawberryLand on Etsy. I want to glue these all over everything in my bedroom! AAAAaaaand cuz you won’t be getting any Bibi for two weeks (and neither will I!!!!), here’s Bibi from this afternoon, hoggin’ up my space. Convo with Bibi from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo. Okay, everybody take care!!! When Hairy, my family, and I get back from Europe I am sure I will have fun pics and food adventures, and hopefully, my favorite, an awful vacation montage! YAY!!!

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Bibi Plays Dead (video)

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It was bathtime for Bibi again! We have to bathe her once a week. It helps her be less itchy when she gets her special shampoos and lotionz. You’d think that this regular bathing would just desensitize her to the whole process, but the older she gets, the worse she gets!!!!! Tonight, she played dead for the first time. She had her tail between her legs, and SHE WAS EVEN SQUINTING HER LITTLE EYES CLOSED!!!!. It killed me. Hairy said she was putting on a show, and I just thought she was terrified. If she were putting on a show, I wonder where this behavior is learned? Just instinct? The squinty eyes just killed me. It’s like on TV, when a kid is supposed to be dead or asleep, but the kid’s eyes are just squinty and trembly because they can’t act very well. Too bad I couldn’t get the eyes on my phone cam! Eventually I lured her upstairs with a freeze dried banana chip.

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Bibi Sawin’ Some Logs (video)

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When Bibi was a pup, she snored REALLY LOUDLY. It was kind of comforting because we knew what she was up to! I read online that Shar Peis often grow out of their snoring as their schnozzes develop, so I was a bit sad that Bibi snored much less as the months went by. But sometimes you can catch her buzzing away like a fat bumblebee. I love it!

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Bibi’s Short Horror Film (video)

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I’m not sure what could possibly be more horrifying to Bibi than BATH TIME!!!!! This is the dog who even loves going to the VET!

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Waking Up with Bibi (video)

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This is what I wake up to sometimes: Bibi in bed next to me, with her head on the other pillow. I find this so endearing, every time!!!!! Today Manda and I had lunch at El Farrolito in the Mission, then Safeway to buy tissue boxes for cozies, then to Office Depot to a new printer cartridge, and then to Fabric Discount where I bought heart buttons for cute-tility pack noses!! I was complaining to Manda about how expensive my printer ink refills are (I have a photo printer, it was a present), and she suggested maybe buying a different printer with cheaper ink for my every day printing. I thought this was brilliant. We saw an HP printer/scanner at Office Depot for $80, with ink cartridges for under $20. I’m very interested, but Hairy also wants to research more on Amazon. This weekend is bat mitzvahs and family bbqs!

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Bibi’s Mouth is a Black Hole (video)

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I first knew that Bibi’s mouf was amazing when she was just a wee pup. One time she opened her mouth up for a puppy yawn and all these little rainbow mini pom poms fell out of her chops. I don’t think she had any idea they were still in there. She continues to have things falling out or hanging off of her moufparts. There are so many folds and wrinklez in there that you just can’t keep track of the real estate. Today, I caught her scratching her ear while a piece of green yarn was flapping around her mouth, and now, she just fell asleep with it still in there!!

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Does your dog groom YOU?

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Bibi does this thing where she nibbles on people, Bunny, and furniture. I don’t know what it means in dog language. Sometimes it seems very loving and maternal, but I don’t think she perceives the couch as her baby, so, I don’t know? Also, Bunny doesn’t seem to like it so much, and then they start tussling if Bibi eats Bunny’s nits. What do you think?

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