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Finding new trails with the doggies in Montara!

Today, Hairy found a new place to walk the doggies in a town nearby called Montara. The trail is along a hill that overlooks the ocean and follows Highway 1.   It was really pretty there, but also SUPER BRIGHT. … Continue reading

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Twinkie Chan’s Guide to Survival: POWER NAPS

I know a lot of people who say, “I can’t nap.” They can’t fall asleep, or they sleep too long, or they feel gross coming out the nap and never recover. If I couldn’t nap, or if I refused to … Continue reading

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Bibi Love

Sometimes I forget to blog about Bibi. I figure you guys get sick of seeing pictures of her sleeping all the time (haha!) but she’s actually quite active and therefore hard to get a good picture of most times. Here … Continue reading

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Just checking in!

Hey Guys, Just checking in. Sorry for the blog-silence. There has been a lot of Yummy You! activity this week, plus I’m planning items for 2 events, one in June, one in July. Also, it seems that people are still … Continue reading

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Bibi Has a BooBoo

Sooo, Bibi has a cone on her head and some stitches in her face.   Rewind. When we moved into this house, the backyard was a wreck. Everything was super overgrown and neglected. After cleaning up the trees and bushes, … Continue reading

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