Bibi’s Mouth is a Black Hole (video)

I first knew that Bibi’s mouf was amazing when she was just a wee pup. One time she opened her mouth up for a puppy yawn and all these little rainbow mini pom poms fell out of her chops. I don’t think she had any idea they were still in there.

She continues to have things falling out or hanging off of her moufparts. There are so many folds and wrinklez in there that you just can’t keep track of the real estate.

Today, I caught her scratching her ear while a piece of green yarn was flapping around her mouth, and now, she just fell asleep with it still in there!!

5 Comments on “Bibi’s Mouth is a Black Hole (video)”

  • Mermaid


    What kind of mix is Bibi? She’s so strange looking but also amazingly adorable at the same time. I always smile when you post anything about her.

    • Bibi is half Shar Pei, and half Basset Hound!! Some call it a Mini Walrus.

      • Mermaid


        Hahaha Mini Walrus. She’s too cute, I can’t get over it.

  • Jules Chan


    That is sooooo cute! What was on the other end??

    • Nothing! 🙂 It was just a piece of string!

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