Permanent Makeup/EmBROWdery

The first tattoo I ever got was actually with my mom AND ON MY FACE.

This happened about 8 or 9 years ago, and I’ve been putting makeup on top of them for a while now since they fade so quickly, so finally, my mom and I went to get them re-done today. I made my mom go first even though she was in the middle of eating a scone. Just because I’ve been tattooed a bit more since the first time, doesn’t mean I still don’t feel nervous!

This time, they called it eyebrow “embroidery,” and instead of only using a little mini tattoo gun, this woman used a line of needles attached to what looked like a paint brush handle, and she did most of the inking BY HAND, with little pokes and strokes, and used the mini tattoo gun only a very little bit.

I’d have to say that the experience was more annoying than painful. It kinda made you want to sneeze. And now, afterward, my face hurts a LOT LESS than last time. I couldn’t smile or emote with my eyebrows last time without wincing, but now there is a slight tingle and that’s about it. I am crossing my fingers that I don’t STICK TO MY PILLOW like last time.

They are definitely a lighter brown than I’d prefer, but she said that since I am young(ish) and have fair(ish) skin, that I shouldn’t have super dark brows. I do have black eyeliner and pink hair, so I kinda don’t know how that all goes together….!

I took a quick Photobooh pic before my appointment (no eyebrow makeup) and after (still a little puffy and shiny from ointment).

This lady goes back to Hong Kong for 6 months, so in November we may go back for touch ups. If it fades really super light, I might ask her to darken it at this point, but I’ll just go with the flow for now! It will be very handy in the summer so I don’t sweat off my eyebrow makeup, but I think I may still darken them for photos. We’ll see what color they heal into!

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  • QBug


    I think they look super cute. I can’t understand why, if you asked for darker brows, she wouldn’t give them to you. They fade anyway…
    I have a pet peeve with anyone in the cosmetics industry telling you that you don’t really want what you are asking for. That they know what you want and you don’t. It bugs the hell outta me.

    Rants aside, you look adorable. =)

    • I feel you. She was like, “I am going to make them thicker than they were,” and I was like, “NO NOT TOO THICK!!!!!”

  • Cara


    I’ve wanted my eyebrows tattooed for ages now, but can’t get the guts to do it. I mostly worry about how they’ll look in a few years, and that I might wind up looking like a dumb goth. It’s always interesting to se them done on someone else and they look really good on you! I’d go for black eybrows myself, as I have black/pink hair and wear dark eyeliner too and brown just doesn’t seem to fit in there anyway.

    • I think the concern with straight up black is that it can fade to a green or bluish hue. I had wanted straight up black my first time, too, but they said no!

      I’m not sure how this brown will go with everything else, but, I’ll feel it out.

  • Rebecca


    It looks lovely!

    • thank you! i think she did a good job with the shape!

  • Jules Chan


    I must say I’m not normally into tattooed eyebrows mainly cos I see them turn green when they fade but I must say yours is the first I’ve seen that looks good, good job you didnt let her go thicker.

    • yeah i think there is a higher probably of green-ness if you ask them to put black ink in there. i wanted black the first time, and she said no way, jose!

  • poptart;


    i think they look really nice, with the shape and that
    do your natural eyebrows just grow as normal still?
    haha i sound really dumb!


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