I was Tagged for this Top 8 Thingie!

I have been tagged by Jocelyn of Cutesypoo fame! I think of her as the Eggtart Lady.

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
1. The Star Trek Movie!!! HAhaha.
2. My first Spoonflower.com order!
3. The subsequent new project using the Spoonflower fabric!
4. The Chan Family reunion in Paris/Florence come June!
5. Enjoying my new make-up free eyebrows during the hot season!
6. Getting rid of the stupid rock garden that came with my loft!
7. Hopefully sharing a craft fair booth with my BFF in July! (fingers crossed….! pick us! pick us!)
8. My new bedroom furniture arriving on Saturday and the new bedroom makeover!

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Got eyebrows tattooed.
2. Ate congee with pork and thousand year old eggs for lunch.
3. Walked Bibi and Bunny with Hairy.
4. Chatted with my BFF and applied for Renegade together.
5. Put 10 lbs of Chinese buns in the freezer.

6. Finished a new Twinkie Chan graphic wallpapery thingie.
7. Watched lots of old 90210 on DVR!
8. Made plans to see new horror flick on Friday (I love horror flicks, even the really bad ones!)

8 Things I Wish I could do
1. Be better at business thinking..i am too creatively minded..(copying this from Jocelyn…DITTO!!)
2. Teleport.
3. Sew.
4. Be better at ACCOUNTING!
5. Make things solely from my yarn stash and not buy new yarn (always impossible…)
6. Have a candypink fro!
7. Finish my sleeve and start my new tattoo idea (no funds, boooo on un/self-employment!)
8. Not be so grumpy all the time (poor Hairy!)

8 Shows I Watch
1. old 90210
2. Top Chef
3. Lost
5. Project Runway
6. The Hills
7. Flight of the Conchords (by default cuz Hairy loves it)
8. anything on HGTV

People i am tagging!
1. BullyGrrl!
2.Lovely Little Deer who is having a fabulous giveaway right now!
omg I totally ran out of steam on this tagging thing, I picked Didi and Hairy cuz I know them in real life, and Becky because she is having a blog giveaway. I suck, but I have a feeling anyone else I’d tag wouldn’t do it anyway 😛 😛

2 Comments on “I was Tagged for this Top 8 Thingie!”

  • crystal


    Whoa, a family reunion in Europe!! Lucky!!

    Ooh I miss eating Chinese Buns 😀

  • QBug


    8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
    1. The Star Trek Movie!!! (Me too!)
    2. Flip-flop weather.
    3. Getting my yuck tattoo fixed.
    4. Getting the Anthony Bourdain book in the mail.
    5. Moving into a new apartment in August with half as many people as I live with now.
    6. Getting back on track with my weightloss so I can be cuter.
    7. My glittery Twinkie surprise craft.
    8. Money. Always.

    8 Things I did yesterday
    1. Talked to my friend that I have a major crush on.
    2. Rearranged my bedroom furniture AGAIN.
    3. Made my bed for the first time in over a month.
    4. Watched many many episodes of No Reservations.
    5. I am.
    6. So.
    7. Boring.

    8 Things I Wish I could do
    1. Find a job and keep it.
    2. Go back to cosmetology school, but the admissions office never calls me back.
    3. Sing/Act/Dominate Broadway.
    4. Be confident when sober.
    5. Lose weight.
    6. Have motivation.
    7. Win the lottery.
    8. Have a positive attitude/always see the silver lining.

    8 Shows I Watch
    1. Arrested Development
    2. Big Bang Theory
    3. No Reservations
    4. NewsRadio
    5. House
    6. American Dad
    7. Coupling
    8. anything on HGTV (Hell yes)

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