Bibi Plays Dead (video)

It was bathtime for Bibi again! We have to bathe her once a week. It helps her be less itchy when she gets her special shampoos and lotionz. You’d think that this regular bathing would just desensitize her to the whole process, but the older she gets, the worse she gets!!!!!

Tonight, she played dead for the first time. She had her tail between her legs, and SHE WAS EVEN SQUINTING HER LITTLE EYES CLOSED!!!!. It killed me. Hairy said she was putting on a show, and I just thought she was terrified. If she were putting on a show, I wonder where this behavior is learned? Just instinct?

The squinty eyes just killed me. It’s like on TV, when a kid is supposed to be dead or asleep, but the kid’s eyes are just squinty and trembly because they can’t act very well. Too bad I couldn’t get the eyes on my phone cam!

Eventually I lured her upstairs with a freeze dried banana chip.

5 Comments on “Bibi Plays Dead (video)”

  • Louise


    Awww! Poor Bibi – who’d think that bath time could be so traumatic!
    Love your crochet Twinkie – I think your radish scarf is my favourite so far. Thanks for your fun and inspiring blog!

  • Mermaid


    Hahaha I get suck a kick out of Bibi. She’s so silly, that’s amazing.

  • Mermaid


    such* whoops.

  • Vicki


    Yes!! The dead dog routine, works almost every time. šŸ™‚

  • Yuri


    My dog just tries to kiss up to you when she gets a bath!!

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