My first Spoonflower Experience…

I CLEARLY have color management problems!!!!!!


I know it’s hard to look at the comparison, espesh since I only had the desire to be lazy and use Photobooth, but soooo many elements are BRIGHT yellow that it makes me wonder if my file was messed up, or if Spoonflower forgot to add a layer of color or something!!!

I wanted to use this swatch to see about using this fridge lining for the inside of pouches…but clearly the detail is too small. However, the real issue is the color. I don’t have a lot of time to keep getting swatches, but i REAAAALLY want to make funny throw pillows, like hot dog package pillows and pickle jar pillows. I have all of these little drawings in a much bigger size, but, ah, the color. What do I do? Suck it up and order more swatches with the bigger images? Maybe. I’d just like to know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t want a fluorescent yellow turkey…..!

How many of you have ordered from Spoonflower? I see others post pictures of their fabric, and it all seems normal to me!

Also, I drove to San Mateo this afternoon to look for the One Yarn that is Getting Away. That store didn’t have it, either!! I am really picky about a certain yarn that I use to make toast scarves. Even in the same brand and same color…there are two very different yarns you can get. Most of the time I just default to the one I like less, but I was on a mission to find the good one. Three stores later and none of them carry either the good or the bad!!! Sheeeesh!!!

Here’s what you do in traffic:

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  • Cara


    Hmmm those colours are way off. Look at the eggplant and the steak! I’ve not had anything to do with Spoonflower myself, but surely if you sent them a picture of the final product you could get them to fix it up for your next order (and hopefully give you all/some of your money back).

    Once it’s sorted I so want something made with this fabric!!! Man, imagine how cute a skirt in it would be 😀

    • Yessss..I will email somebody over there…not so much to complain, but more to just figure out what happened to the next batch is better!

  • Erik


    My woman agrees with Cara: Get in touch with them and they’ll probably want to resolve the issue and reprint it for you. It looks pretty bad :-/

    • ON the site it says they will refund if you are not happy with print. They seem prepared!

  • Hezzywoo


    lol the little cherry on the ice cream is yellow 🙂

    But it’s still an amazing design!

  • looks like a def mistake. surely they will fix it pronto once its brought to their attention! YIKES!

  • KupKake QT


    I actually ordered from them and had them print a tokidoki print, and the colors were really light!!!

    • yeah im not sure you ‘ll ever get super vibrant colors. i printed out a big color chart to see what their colors would print out like, so that is sort of helpful for selecting colors on the computer.

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