WIWT – Super LoFi Style!

So I was just going to try this on, and ended up deciding to wear it for the day. Fits perfectly!!! Originally it was strapless, but I asked if she would put straps on it.

I’ll be the jerk at The Yeah Yeah Yeahs in a pink Barbie sweater dress. You’re welcome!

Dress: morosemelonhead
Necklace: Plastic Bat
Hair bow: CutieDynamite

So last night the new season of 90210 started. I think the show is terrible, but I’ve watched enough of it where I feel committed to watch it now. I can’t believe they got rid of Ethan. What the heck? Also, I’m a little over seeing Annie’s crazy-mad-frustrated-tormented face. The I-just-smelled-dog-poo face.

What did you guys think of the new Melrose Place!? I’m so confused about how everyone is, cuz I was paying half-attention. I can’t believe Kostas from Traveling Pants is on it….and with no Greek accent!!! It boggles the mind, truly!

I leave you with Bibi.

8 Comments on “WIWT – Super LoFi Style!”

  • KimBurly


    That dress is too adorable for words. I am consistently amazed by your wardrobe. Makes me wanna burn mine and start fresh…

    • I feel like you can do that naturally without burning anything..haha….by buying one new piece and getting rid of like two old pieces, either donating or selling! I have A GIANT PILE OF CLOTHES to sell because I have limited closet space. That is my next goal!!! Out with the old!

      • KimBurly


        that is so smart, and it does beat fire hazards! my usual plan i stick to (my closet is teeny, too) is that i HAVE to phase out anything that isn’t seasonal that I haven’t worn in 3 months. This backfired though, All i have is a lot of shapeless maternity crap now and winter clothing! ha!

        I’m making it my 3/4’s year resolution to have all of the things with tags like “Motherhood” phased out by January 1. (I’m wearing one right now, how embarrassing!)

    • aw thanks! it’s so sparkly that i’m shy to wear it out!

  • Sophie


    Your dress is amazing! I second KimBurly’s comment – I want your wardrobe!

    • awww! well, in the next few weeks i should be posting up some clothing on ebay kinda on the cheap so i can get it out of the house. maybe there will be some fun morsels in there! 🙂

  • MK


    I totally forgot to watch the new Melrose Place, which is funny because I just borrowed Season 1 of the original series from the library not too long ago. Also forgot that Kostas was in it too. Now I have to watch it!!!

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