Just checking in!

Hey Guys,

Just checking in. Sorry for the blog-silence. There has been a lot of Yummy You! activity this week, plus I’m planning items for 2 events, one in June, one in July.

Also, it seems that people are still running into a lot of problems with weird re-directs and stuff on my website, so, I’m spending the next few days designing a basic new site to put up so we can clean out the bad one. The fridge is going bye-bye. I love it so much, but now is the time to simplify. Maybe at some point down the line, I can have someone help me create a fun little Flash game or something using the fridge art.

I have lots of fun giveaways (Twinkie Chan notebooks!) and photos to post, but I want to focus on cleaning up the website first.

Thanks for your patience!!!!


p.s. Space Bibi says hi from her astronaut helmet. She got in an argument with my parents’ dog again. No stitches this time. Just some tiny staples. We’re thinking of getting a dog-trainer to help us deal with their issues with each other!

5 Comments on “Just checking in!”

  • Lady J


    Oooh, I’m going to miss the fridge! Frowny!

    And you’re poor dog. Once again he’s been chewed up? Poor tortured thing. What a trooper he is.

    • The new site is turning out super cute. I hope you like it!!

      • Lady J


        Can’t wait to see it! Everything you touch is creative!

  • dubbalubba


    patiently awaiting post on bookkeeping! 😀

  • Caz


    awww poor Bibi 🙁 Hope she gets better soon!! I can’t wait to see the new site 🙂

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