That One Time I Made Scratcher Tickets

After seeing Kaylah/The Dainty Squid’s post on how to make your own scratch-off tickets, I knew I had to try it!

I’ve always struggled with whether or not to include little gifts/trinkets/freebies in the packages I send out. I like giving y’all a fun shopping experience, but I also don’t want stuff to go to waste that you would never eat/use. These scratcher tickets are a super cool idea, because you get to play a game, and maybe win a coupon code for your next purchase!

I tried to follow Kaylah’s instructions exactly. I used that acrylic craft paint that comes in a bottle and is kind of runny. I’d be curious to try it with acrylic artist/painter’s paint, since it seems thicker out of the tube. I put on 4 coats. It was hard to be patient!! I’d start-repainting too early and break the pudding-skin of my previous coat! Also, I just printed janky cards on regular old card stock, and the painter’s tape really ripped some of the paper up. I wouldn’t really recommend that route!

I was really excited when they actually worked though! They actually finally got dry, and the skin stopped breaking, and it all actually scratched off with a coin. Super fun!!

I made 16 of them, lost a couple due to the painter’s tape, and sent out the survivors in my last batch of Etsy packages. They ranged from “Oops, Try Again!” up to 30% off.

I still like the idea of including a game to win things, but I’m not sure I will go this super DIY route next time. I found it a bit too time-consuming for me personally, but I’ll be sure to stick with the idea and come up with something for you guys soon!

(p.s. beanieweenie is not a valid coupon code … hehe)

11 Comments on “That One Time I Made Scratcher Tickets”

  • erica


    omg! they came out super cute! clever. <3

  • Nikki G


    How do you set up coupon codes on etsy?

    • When you are logged in, pass your mouse over Your Shop: (name of your shop) in the top right hand corner, and when the menu pops down, Coupon Codes will be at the very bottom. Or, if you clicked on the Your Shop link and you see items listed in your shop, look to the side bar on the left. Coupon Codes is in the “Promote” section. Hope that helps.

  • QBug


    Omg, that is theeeeeeeee cutest. And you are the cutest for doing this. You are so good to your customers πŸ™‚

  • Nicolette


    I think that’s neatest freebie ever! Most often than not its usually candy ( which don’t getme wrong candy is good) but this is really creative and fun. Who doesn’t like to play the lottery anyways?! πŸ™‚

    • I love getting a cookie, but yeah, then you have to worry about who is vegan, who is gluten free, etc etc etc! πŸ˜›

  • nekobomb


    Maybe you could give those codes they always put in soda, on to.. like.. paper.. and have a magical internet machine translate it into a coupon code. Maybe?

    • Oh Etsy has an easy system for setting up your own coupon codes :). I just like for each code to only be used once, so each card had to have a separate code, and I had to log each code into Etsy. I’ll decide on a different system at some point I’m sure!

      • nekobomb


        Oh, ick. If you wanted them to be a one time deal, it can def and obviously complicate it. One day you’ll be a corporation! Twinkie & Co.

  • Sami


    This is a great idea! πŸ˜€ I love them

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