I claim this blog! *flagpole*

If you’ve found this URL, you have found the secret new URL for my blog! Hello!

I am not announcing it quite yet, so anyone who is reading this is in like a super elite members-only club, but we won’t wear funny hats or perform scary rituals. Yet.

Here is also where I will “claim” this blog for Bloglovin. I’m new to Bloglovin and don’t know how many of you use it to read blogs, so here goes nothin’.

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6 Comments on “I claim this blog! *flagpole*”

  • YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! i love the new site. and i look forward to reading more stuff from you, twinkie. i just love it.

    also- i volunteer to make/wear a soft serve ice cream hat for the Twinkie Chan Cult.

    …. cupcakes instead of koolaid?

    love always,

  • Twinkie Chan!


    Chelsea! Thank you! May I ask how you find the new URL? I posted it once on Twitter, but then bad code on the old site still affected this brand new URL, so I deleted until we completely re-design all the other pages!!

    Will the soft serve hat be pointy? LIke a religious leader?! 😛

  • to be quite honest, i just googled “Twinkie Chan”, because i am on a quest to see everything you make haha. the colors just inspire me, and i also like to make food things.

    also- YES! perhaps in pastels. or just in different flavors. mine will have those little crunchy things that dairy queen dips their soft serves into. nums.

  • I feel special!!! I found the blog the same way.

    • TwinkieChan


      So did you not get a virus warning? I switched the URL to separate my blog from the problems I’ve been having at my site, so that I could keep blogging while the site gets re-designed, but the first entry I published ended up giving me the virus warning again 🙁 . We keep fixing all the bad code, but I never know if new stuff will pop up, and I don’t want to keep giving people virus warnings!!

      • No, I never got one. I didn’t know anything like that was happening.

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