Does your dog groom YOU?

Bibi does this thing where she nibbles on people, Bunny, and furniture. I don’t know what it means in dog language. Sometimes it seems very loving and maternal, but I don’t think she perceives the couch as her baby, so, I don’t know?

Also, Bunny doesn’t seem to like it so much, and then they start tussling if Bibi eats Bunny’s nits.

What do you think?

9 Comments on “Does your dog groom YOU?”

  • EHansem


    I love how you are just sitting there with a “ugh.. whatEVER” face when they are fighting.

    • Well, it’s not real “I’m mad and going to rip your face off” fighting. It’s just play fighting.

    • What you should REALLY love is the Converse shoe thats’ on the couch, which is attached to Hairy, who is napping while this is occurring.

  • Rebecca


    I love when dogs mouth play fight, it’s just so cuuute!

    My Captain and Levi don’t nibble but they do lick us to death though;D

    • Bibi likes to lick people’s feet a lot!

  • Our pitbull does this with fabric, clothing, furniture, and occassionally us….its almost like shes trying to feel the texture of the item or it maybe its sensory thing – im not sure – i always assumed it was normal 😀 hee hee

  • eastbay


    so cute! I luv it

  • Skye


    My mum has three basset hounds, and all three nibble on each other, her, my son… the couch and my maltese terrier ( he loves it when they do it to him)…

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