Manda’s Chrismuvalenteaster BBQ! (video)

One of the weird things that Manda (Renee) and I decided to do one year was to delay our Christmas gift exchange in order to diffuse some of that Holiday pressure. At first we said we’d exchange gifts the following holiday: Valentine’s Day, but when V Day rolled around, none of us were ready with gifts yet! So we then celebrated our first St. Pattymas back on Stanford Avenue. I believe we decorated and had cookies and everything.

From then on, Manda and I (not Renee since she moved away) continued to celebrate St. PattyMas.

This year, we were a bit tardy, so Manda had a Spring bbq at her place (way after Easter!) and she and I exchanged gifties.

Here is some video of the bbq. Sorry about not capturing everybody! I am still shy about using the camera and sticking it in people’s faces!

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