Sexy Intrigue…at Target

Hairy was buying deoderant at Target yesterday, and I couldn’t believe the amazing packaging and NAMES for the ladies’ deoderant. SEXY INTRIGUE really took the cake for me. When I think about my armpits, I totally think about how sexy and intriguing their odor could be.

I also felt compelled to take a pic of this Corn & Callus remover.

It’s just amazing and I can’t really explain why. It’s like I imagine it being in some dude’s sexy-time kit, so that he can whip it out and ask his date if she’d like a private pedicure and corn-removal sesh.

On a more REAL note, I did buy the Biore Dual Fusion moisturizer with SPF.

I fell for the ploy wherein they say this is for “transition” skin, skin that is neither teenaged nor old-aged. That’s me, right? I needed a new moisturizer with SPF anyway, so I picked this up.

I gotta tell you, the DUAL part of dual fusion is unattainable as only the green stripe is coming out of the pump. NO matter how many times I tap the bottle against a hard surface, I can’t get the white stripe to come out. BOOOOOOUURRRNNSSS!!!

I did slather my face in green “greaseless moisturizing” goo, and I have to say, it did feel quite nice, and I like the smell.

If only I can get the SPF to come out.

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  • Mermaid


    Deodorant names are ridiculous. The other day I was at the grocery store and apparently there’s Hannah Montana deodorant. I’m not sure why that’s necessary.

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