Finding new trails with the doggies in Montara!



Today, Hairy found a new place to walk the doggies in a town nearby called Montara. The trail is along a hill that overlooks the ocean and follows Highway 1.




It was really pretty there, but also SUPER BRIGHT. So I couldn’t really see the photos I was taking with the iPhone, since the screen just appeared black to me!








Afterward, we got a sandwich at this place called Gherkin’s Sandwich Shop, and they put little gherkins in your sammy instead of pickle slices, and they were really crispy and crunchy!

We passed by a Peruvian restaurant called La Costanera which looks like a fun place to check out in the future. We also saw a neat BBQ shack and a place to get coffee and donuts inside an old train car. It’s funny all the little spots you can discover so close to your own city!

P.S. After I wrote this entry, Hairy started swearing in the shower and then came out and said he had found a tick in his side. Then we all freaked out, and I checked myself and the pups but didn’t find any more. The place we hiked had a small woodland area that transitioned into a more open area with wild flowers and grasses. We stayed on the dirt trail and didn’t wander into the grassy parts, but you never know what’s dangling on a flower or blade of grass! Wear light clothing, tuck everything into everything else (like pants into socks) and check you and your furbabies immediately after a hike!

11 Comments on “Finding new trails with the doggies in Montara!”

  • Lee


    How did you remove the tick?

    • TwinkieChan


      I think Matt just yanked it out in a panic. But according to internet research, you just grasp it as close to the skin as possible with a tweezer, and pull straight and out. You don’t want to squeeze the tick too hard, and you don’t want to twist it or burn it or anything. The less freaked out the tick is, the less likely it is to expel yucky bacteria into you.

  • Sami


    Wahhh ticks freak me out, hope you got it out ok!

    • TwinkieChan


      He just yanked it right out with his hands! I think it probably hadn’t been on him for too long!

  • Anika


    Soo beautiful! Reminds me a bit of some spots I love down here in Palos Verdes. 🙂

    • TwinkieChan


      I dig nature. I just can’t get over the BUGGGGGZZZZZ.

      • Anika


        Yeahhh that part’s gross. I just thought I’d focus on the pretties part haha

  • Fiona


    yikes, ticks are horrid…cute walking trail though 🙂

  • Looks Grogeous! Ticks fall out of trees to. I live in the country and they fall out of the trees and then keep crawling around til they find skin. Tricky and fast lol
    love the scenery!

  • this is the only blog I’ve been on in 20 years ! I’m a 68 yr. old grandmother who loves to crochet and i love your creative style! I love your attitude toward life and spontaneity!You make me feel happy. I like to crochet flowers.God bless your day and life and I do hope you get to where you don’t have to be so stressed.–Donna, a crochet friend.

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi, Donna. Thank you so so much for your kinda and thoughtful message! I’m so happy to spread happiness :). Definitely makes everything worth it :).

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