Bibi’s Short Horror Film (video)

I’m not sure what could possibly be more horrifying to Bibi than BATH TIME!!!!! This is the dog who even loves going to the VET!

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  • Vicki


    Oh I think our dogs were separated at birth! My dog, who LOVES the vet (even when there are shots involved) will collapse on the floor and use his full dead weight when it’s bath time. I try and trick him into thinking it’s just time for snuggles, but somehow he always knows when its time for doggie cleaning.

    • YES! Bibi has just started to use the collapse method. She knows she’s a big girl!

  • Mermaid


    Hahah that was cute.

  • Yuri


    Bwahahaha I was rooting for Hairy! xD At the same time I was like RUN BIBI!!

    • Bibi will totally just hide out on the patio!

  • Kimi


    totally love it!! my dog lucy does the same thing. but i can’t pick her up so i have to bribe her with treats to get her in the bathroom.
    someday i will post the extravaganza.
    have a great weekend!

  • hayley


    Aww poor Bibi! my dog loves having baths.. so much so that he smiles!! he does however cry and scratch and run away when he has to goto the vet.. we even had to change vets because the vet smacked him for crying!! he got reported thank god.. but still.. hes terrified, i think its like when people hate hospitals cos of the smell.. he freaks out when we step inside the door of the vet! before that hes fine..

  • Melanye K


    OMG hahaha! Bibi is so cute. I have a dog with the same name who is also black and white. Only we spell it Bebe and she’s a Boston Terrier 🙂

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