Sharing is Caring

Hairy and I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and bought a TON of food including fruits!!

Here is me and Bibi sharing a banana today! She is crazy for bananas!

10 Comments on “Sharing is Caring”

  • kim


    Aw, how sweet! Bibi does the same pose with the same expressions (licking the lips, eyes focused right on you) as Sinbad does when he wants something.

  • Miki


    Hahaha, Hairy is si cute! 🙂

  • McKayla


    Eeeeeeee! So cute. I love your videos. 🙂

  • dee


    So cute! My dog loves fruit, too! Have you tried giving them cuties or apples? She loves them and they don’t upset her stomach. : )

  • Billie Holiday is amazing. I have never known a dog to eat or like bananas.

  • Maggi


    Bibi is too cute, she eats likes such a lady! My dog Lebowski loves bananas too, he’s not quite so polite about it though. lol

  • when my neice was only a couple months old, she frickin’ loved banana’s and i would feed her peices until her dad stopped me. I forget that babies can’t eat a whole banana and she had the bestest smile, i couldn’t deny her any joy.

  • Michelle


    Awww Bibi!!! I miss seeing your girls. Glad to know Bibi still loves her bananas. 🙂

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