I put a few more ice cream scoops on Etsy!

I put a few more ice cream scoops on Etsy. Chocolate and vanilla! Go shop!

I need to shoot some good photos of yarn, because we are going to have a limited pre-order – maybe 20 to start – of custom cupcake coffee cup cozies on Etsy. Stay tuned!

I still haven’t figured out my color profile issues when I upload pics to Etsy. They all look really dark and gross and depressing to me!! Someone suggested editing photos in Picnik, but I just have this hope that I can resolve the color issues in Photoshop! Anyone have Photoshop, a MacBook, and some answers? 😛 Uploading to Flickr usually doesn’t affect anything. Just pesky Etsy! And I feel like that’s where you want your product-related photos to look best!

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  • Annais


    I adjust it using the brightness setting under image > adjustments. I works for me!

    • I do that, too, and I often have to adjust the colors as well, even though I custom white balance my camera. It seems weird though to have to over-photoshop and blow out the image in order to guess if it might look okay once uploaded to Etsy!

  • Jessica


    I adore that t-shirt! Also, I think I’ve noticed a similar problem with my Etsy photos, but I don’t have anything to recommend in particular to help other than just trying to boost the brightness and lowering the contrast slightly! Sorry!

    • Thanks! I bought the tshirt in a little shop in Hong Kong. This little old lady was tending it, and she kept trying to pet me. I was scared. HAhahah.

  • sara


    where do you buy such colourful yarns?

  • Julie


    Do you use save for web when saving your pics in Photoshop? If so, I might know the solution. I used to have this problem too, although it wasn’t just with Etsy, it was with anything I used save for web on. Could be worth trying, I guess 🙂

    This is what I did: Go to the edit menu > color settings. And in the first drop down that says settings: Choose monitor color and save.

  • Hi ^^
    I’m following your blog for a while now and I would like to say hello etc ^^
    But about the photos..Well.. I use PhotoFiltre instead of Photoshop, ’cause I can’t work with Photoshop. But PhotoFiltre is an easy an good program, such like Photoshop but easier. You can download it for free on Google.

  • Maggi


    Hmmm, I use Picasa so I’m not much help, sorry! By the way, I just love this picture! Awesome hair day in this pic!

  • Amber


    Ahh, I didn’t get there in time for a vanilla one. At least I managed to get a mint chip one last week!

    Will you be bringing back cheeseburger cup cozies? I really really want one of those!

    • Hi hi!
      The burger cozies didn’t do well at all in person at a craft fair, so I thought maybe nobody loved them very much :P. But if there is interest, we will do some more! 😉

  • pinklamb


    YES! I cant wait for the pre-order cupcake cozies!!! I lost out on one the last time 🙁 I’ll be ready for it now! Thank you!!!!

  • YAY! I got my strawberry scoop today in the mail WOOHOOO! I wore it to work the 2nd half of the day and everyone went nuts! I cant wait to post pics! Thank you for making such awesome things! OX

    • FUN!!!!!! I can’t wait to see pics!!!!!
      I wore mine out and went to a dive bar and all the girls wanted my biz card!

  • JP


    Will you be making any more mint scoops?? I’m never fast enough to get them, could we even possibly do a custom order for one?

    • Hi! We will be doing more, but I can’t really take any custom orders until February!

  • Tasha


    Usually on my photos I like to pump up the contrast and a thing called vibrancy, its on photoshop cs4 and it makes the color, well, more vibrant.
    Dunno if that’ll help, hope it does!

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