Year in Photos – 2010

I have been liking other people’s year-in-photos blog entries, so I cooked up my own!


I shot all the photos for my book in my livingroom at 3 in the morning on a deadline. My favorite out-take is me in my bathing suit with my blubber hanging out! YES I photoshopped my muffin tops a little bit in the book. I have some shame. Surprise!


Pool Tradeshow in Vegas, Feb 2010 from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

In February, I went to the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas to debut Yummy You! by Twinkie Chan. It has been my dream to make my pieces more affordable and accessible, and Yummy You! has definitely been a labor of love. It has had its ups and its downs, and I still hope that it will become the brand that I dream it can be!


In March, I met Cuppy for the first time in real life. She is amazing and sweet and cute and makes the yummiest cupcakes. We had the pleasure of hanging out with her and Moofs again in Seattle in December (which I never blogged about yet…) and this employee at Elliott Bay Books thought that Cuppy was the author of Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies!


I’m noticing I don’t blog as much as I should! There’s not a lot to choose from in these entries!! HEHE! It would appear that my favorite photo from April is this purikura tidbit with Hairy. I wish I could blow this up and make posters of it!
As I read through the entries, I also realize how much time I had been putting into Yummy You, especially drawing and designing shirts and patterns that have yet to see the light of day…. Maybe one day!

Okay, May was a good month. I have to pick two memories.
First, my lollipop tattoo.

It was a bday present from Hairy and my pal Marissa drew it!
Also Hairy and I went to NYC and Boston for fun, and met so many great people, and ate so much great food!

Here’s me and Kerin Rose after eating the healthiest lunch of my life followed up by Pop Rocks chocolate. She’s a superstar and you need to know her.


Untitled from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

Hairy and I went to his homeland, Minneapolis, for his cousin’s wedding, and I rode the barfiest roller coaster ever at the Mall of America!


We decided we were going to move, and I went crazy insane with paint colors and fabric inspirations. Unfortch, we didn’t end up using this fabric for anything! And I know I haven’t really done a house-tour yet. Seriously, the house still isn’t really decorated! We suck!

Okay, August was also really good, and I can’t just pick one photo.

I met Elsie and Emma when we shared a booth at Renegade Craft Fair. Lucky me! Plus an extra dash of Vivs is always a bonus!


We went to the Sweet Streets art show in L.A. and got the first photo ever of the Big Headed Asian club!!!! Historical moment!!!
I also made my first set of ice cream scoop barrettes for myself which turned out to be a hit and are now avail in my Etsy shop!


I finally started to organize my craft room. It still needs a lot of work! But I feel so blessed to have a space to put all my craft stuff!

November SO MUCH HAPPENED!!! I had my book launch at BookSmith and also toured the book in LA.
I made special scarves for the Sanrio 50th Anniversary art show.

My brave and selfless and giving friends helped me make the most awesome crochet rap video ever to support my book.

I toured my book through Seattle and Portland (haven’t blogged any pics yet), re-connected with an old friend whom I got to see TWICE in a month, vended at TWO craft fairs, was featured on the local news, and bought my first Xmas tree.

In 2011, I vow to blog more so I can have more to choose from for my round up next year :).

I don’t really make resolutions, but in 2011 I hope that even more exciting things happen with Yummy You, I hope I blog more, I hope I exercise, I hope I clean my floors more, I hope I learn to knit, I hope I make time to crochet myself some funny garments I’ve been dreaming up, I hope I get on a better sleep schedule, I hope I eat more healthy, I hope I learn to sew, I hope I go to the beach, I hope I go to Yosemite or some similar place with big trees, I hope I make soup, I hope I continue to take more fun risks and do more weird things, I hope cool stuff happens that I cannot even predict, and I hope you keep reading along with me :).

16 Comments on “Year in Photos – 2010”

  • Kitty


    aww. I love all of these pictures! I love how cute and cheerful your blog is.

    • Aw thanks!! I really do try to inject a bit of cheer into the world!

  • poohknit


    I’ll keep reading your blog!!! I don’t make resolutions, it makes it a for sure failure! LOL!!! I am going to start the candy button scarf and the cupcake scarf soon, this month!!! I AM!!!

    • Yeah I generally don’t go out there and make resolutions. I just sort of of have wishes heheh.

  • jessica


    Love this post and all the things you want to do in ’11. :^) You’ve had quite a year … and I thank you for blogging it all so we can live vicariously! My 2011 resolution is to think, “what would Twinkie do?” LOL. Ok, now I want that on some sort of apparel! Haha.

    Have a great year!

  • MBC


    I also didn’t make a resolution…I think probably because it’s always the same thing anyway ๐Ÿ˜› Maybe this year it’ll actually work since I’m not making one! hahaha

    On a side note…the mini-book arrived today, much to my delight! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cuppy


    I love you so much !!!! I am truly honored (and extremely flattered) I made your 2010 list of awesome !!! Thank you !!!!

    I miss you like woah & can’t wait to see you again when I (hopefully) get my fruity booty back to SF!


    • BIG HUGS!!! I hope you are feeling okay! I think you are amazin!

  • Holly


    That Sanrio scarf looks awesome! Will you be selling the pattern for that scarf or was it an exclusive item for that event only?

    • Hi! I can’t sell anything pertaining to it, sorry!

      • Holly


        Lame! ๐Ÿ™

        How long does it usually take you to create a finished product you envision? Do you do several test pieces or do you just think of an idea and WHAM!?

        • I’m super duper anal and like to figure out a ton of possibilities before I commit to writing down the pattern. So the idea and the basic shapes are WHAM but all the stitching can take forever, even though the ultimate pattern might be simple.

  • Annie


    2010 was the year I discovered you and all of your deliciously sweet creations! Thanks for giving me a reminder to have fun, be more adventurous, and CUTE SHIT ROCKS! My very favorite Christmas present this year was my Twinkie Chan stickers, yarn cupcake button, and autograph! Thanks for sharing your bad-assery! (that’s a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I loved viewing the video for I’m going to go look at the site right now. Missed coming to your blog and seeing all your beautiful work.

    Question do you make most of your videos with imovie? I just got me a new Mac….my first one ever. I can’t wait to dip into making my first imovie. I hope it is as awesome as what I have seen.

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