Purikura in the O.C.!

Okay. I am officially super behind on blogging. I have yet to blog about my Seattle and Portland trips. I have yet to blog about Xmas. And I need to blog about our New Years Disneyland trip!

But first! Here’s a taste of the trip we just came back from. At first it was iffy on whether or not we were really going to go, but it turned out to be great, except for the closed roads and 12 hour drive home. More on that later…

Here’s some puri!!!!!

Hairy is a good sport. This is probably the least dude-ly thing a dude could ever do.

We also really suck at using these machines. We are not good at posing quickly, and we have no idea what we are doing with the decorating pen! Enjoy!

7 Comments on “Purikura in the O.C.!”

  • How cute and fun! I have never seen puri or heard of it. Hairy is a good sport lol.

  • ahuahau your boyfriend is like mine…
    = A SAINT! XD
    so fun!!!!

  • Caitlin


    Wow, I’ve never seen purikura before in my life! Those are awesome pics. I think the first is my favorite (poor Hairy). Do you know if there are any machines in SF?

    • Yes! There is a place called Pika Pika in the Japane Center mall!

  • Maggi


    LOL Those are so fun, like you should all be in an 80s pop video. 😀 Way to be a sport Hairy!

  • caz


    I REALLY wish we had these machines in England 😛

  • ilaria


    I definitely wish my bf was as fun as yours:D
    and I wish we had these machines in Italy, too.:D

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