A little Bibi with your coffee?

I am about to go to bed (4:30am) but I know a lot of you are already waking up (at least in other time zones)!!! Thought I’d share a little morning Bibi with you. Hairy says she gets the foot-dangling-off-the-bed thing from me!

The dogs usually are not allowed to fall asleep on our bed at night (mandated by Hairy) but they somehow end up on there when I wake up!

Bibi is really….. gooey and drooly, so the worst part is that she leaves her mouth goo ALL OVER THE SHEETS and even sometimes on my PILLOW (like when she asks for a morning spoon sesh). It’s ok. I still love her.

3 Comments on “A little Bibi with your coffee?”

  • Nathalie


    So cute. I also say I don’t let the cats on my bed…and then I always wake up with a living cat duvet 😉

  • Alzy


    Adorable! I’m getting my first puppy on Sunday from a rescue and need to decide whether or not he’ll be allowed in bed. It will be so hard not to let him spoon with me.

  • Shes lovely! our puppy isn’t allowed in our bed, so i have to sneak her in 🙂

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