WIWT (sorta)

Took a couple pics today for PinkZombies on Etsy. I just got this dress the other day, and it fits so perfectly! I don’t have a lot of orange clothing, but I think I am a fan!!

I also took a few pics for ShanaLogic, hence the giant bow. I put on a darker lipgloss because I thought it might look more formal or dressy, but I kinda don’t think it makes a difference either way!!! No preview pics of the Shana stuff! Plus I think I might have to re-shoot. There were some technical problems….!

I just ate some super delightful “reserve” gouda cheese, and now I’m going to have a hot drink and crochet a candy button scarf!


19 Comments on “WIWT (sorta)”

  • Sophie


    You suit orange! It looks good and the dress is cool too 🙂

  • I am in love with your site and all your creations! It’s a superb overdose of kawaii goodness! Love Love.

    • thank you so much for checking everything out!

  • mahuahua


    you little cutie xxxx

  • hillary


    What color is the lipgloss its ADORABLE
    also the idea of a candy button scarf slays me. Buttons were invented near where I live and I have an unnatural fondness for them!

    • the lipgloss is made by Bourjois but my tube is so worn that I don’t know what number it is!

  • chinamommy


    Mmmmmm…. orange! i even have an orange VW! orange is good!
    hey, i’m wearing orange right now!
    love your bloggy goodness!

    • i really think that’s the only orange thing i own!!

  • i ♥♥♥ the orange on you! 😀 and i also ♥ the bow! 🙂

  • Pam


    I adore this quirky outfit.

  • aww, thanks so meantioning. This is the first time I’ve checked your blog..cute cute

    • 🙂 Sorry I was lagging on replying to you on Etsy!! With my effed up internet at home, my response time on everything has been a bit off!!!! Your instincts were dead on about length. It’s perfecto!

  • Jaime


    I love your hair! How do you go about styling it everyday?

    • oh man, i am still learning every day how to deal with my hair!! my hair is reaaaally flat and coarse and straight. it’s that poker straight hair that everyone else seems to want! 😛 there’s a lot of teasing, curling iron-ing and super strength hair spray in my world!

      • Jaime


        I know exactly what you mean. I have the same hair and it’s got one style…straight. Anywho, keep doing what you’re doing. It looks great.

  • Sophie


    Love the orange dress (love your hair, too!) (just found your blog…)

    • thank you so much for stopping in! 🙂

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