Re-Stock on Candy Cane Necklaces + eBay Garage Sale!

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We re-stocked the red/white striped candy cane heart necklaces!

I also FINALLY snapped some pics of the GIANT pile of clothes I need to sell! I have to do it in segments or else I’ll go insane, so here is the first installment!

I have to deliver my finished book of patterns as well as samples of every item to my publisher on or before October 15, so now I am in full throttle mode!!!! I wrote down, day by day, what projects I need to complete on which day. It’s a bit intense. I’m also making some accessories for an outfit for a fashion show which I will post about later, but that is due on October 20th! We have to be in in Houston the weekend of October 17th, so I need to try to have everything done before we leave. It’s really hectic inside my brains!!! I still need to buy red shoes!! EEEEEE!!!

Also our internet connection has been spotty. I’m shocked it even works right now, cuz it hasn’t all day. Also the reply-comment function on my blog was busted, but I think it might be fixed! Sorry if I have not been replying to comments. I still read all of them!

P.S. We saw Jennifer’s Body on Saturday night, and I have to say that I expected it to not be great, but….it was pretty not-great, and I love me a bad horror movie. The only gem I took away from it was, “You give me a wettie.”

9 Comments on “Re-Stock on Candy Cane Necklaces + eBay Garage Sale!”

  • “you give me a wettie”…BAHAHA! ok i’m gonna have to write that down or something. ^___^

    wow, you just READING about you being so busy is making me anxious! lol i hope it all pans out and goes very smoothly for you! good luck! 🙂

    • if i stick to schedule…all will be well…. !!

  • whoops i meant “ME just reading about you…” stupid brain farts! >.<

  • Elysse


    aghhh the hamster hoodie is so cuuuuuute!

    • my head is too big for the hood part!!!

      are we having vegan mac saturday?

  • Sophie


    Yay!!!!! You have such cool clothes 🙂

    • there’s more where that came from!!

  • Jules Chan


    Good luck with everything your doing right now, its sounds abit crazy!

    • ahhh thank you! it is a little bit crazy, but i suppose that is better than not having any goal to reach!

      i’ll be seeing you at the salon next Wednesday. I gotta get my roots did!

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