Where the Wild Things Are-inspired clothing line!!!

So I was catching up on the goings-on over at Audrey Kitching’s Buzznet page, where she mentions Opening Ceremony’s line inspired by Where the Wild Things Are.

Everything is a bit above my price range…. but I NEED to have a faux monster fur skirt!!! STAT!!!

On a somewhat similar note, I bumped into these gems on Etsy!! I’m tempted!

I’m going to blow your mind now with the most awesome costume/dress ever by my girl Nicole Lindner:

Today, my work-schedule hit a serious speedbump when the power went out at my parents’ house and I had a lot of trouble with the security alarm going haywire…. Fast foward through time…the power is back, thanks be to Odin!!! I went out and bought those Jesus/Mary candles at Lucky’s because they were cheaper (2 for $3) than the fancy yucky scented candles in the actual “Candles” section of the grocery store. I don’t regret buying 6 of them, though, because now I can take them back to my house and be prepared!!! They aren’t very bright…but they are better than nothing!

I was about to post a quickie VLOG after watching Cuppy’s, but the power went out right as I was bringing up Vimeo!!!

Sorry I look like a troll. I have been getting like 3-4 hrs of sleep per night cuz my parents’ dogs wake up early and need to fed, and then my dogs start barking at every little thing all day long!

Back to making sushi scarf!

4 Comments on “Where the Wild Things Are-inspired clothing line!!!”

  • piper....


    oh i heard about that clothing line it sounds pretty amazing

  • Pam


    I’m so pumped for that movie! It will be awesome or I will be very disappointed in Spike Jonze.

  • Megalina


    Yea… I need that Panda jumpsuit… nowish…

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