“Watch out boy, she’ll chew you up!”

I shrug at this entire post. I don’t like to abandon my blog for too long, but I have too much Photoshop homework to do on a time crunch, so I haven’t been crocheting much or taking any pictures or going through vacation stuff.

I kind of don’t remember why on earth I bought this Maneater shirt. I probably thought it was funny at the time, but now I’m like, Hunh?

So here’s a really horrible video for you to enjoy today!

I guess the other moral of the story is: don’t ever take me dancing. I *will* snap my fingers. A lot.

10 Comments on ““Watch out boy, she’ll chew you up!””

  • Your nuts! But I like ya anyways! Have a great rest of the day.

    • Ahahahaha 😉 I know. My sense of pride is quickly diminishing with age, it would seem!

    • AHAhahahahahaah! Whatever, Lady Hairball!

  • Renee


    this totally made my day – now i will go to bed smiling! you rock!

    • Just passing out some silliness….!

  • Mary C.


    I know I’m a little late at coming across this, but it reminds me of the first shirts my bff and I screen printed together. After breaking up with my second boyfriend, my mom told me it seemed like I just liked to play around and called me a “maneater.” I told this to my bff Bre (who, at the time went through boys like those press on nails with sticky goo) who declared “If anyone’s a maneater it’s me not You!” So we decided to make ourselves Maneater shirts. Simple shirts with a logo that smacked a bit of the vague little dude on men’s room signs but with a bite taken out of his head. I’m not quite sure what happened to mine, but yeah…um…good times!

    • hahhah you should make them again!!!!!

      • Mary C.


        I am trying to get together my screen printing stuff again for new designs…hmm…

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