Watch Hairy Molest an Ice Cream Cone Cupcake (BBQ video!)

Double Bday BBQ Montage! from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

The Hamster Dance song came from when Manda and I were at Safeway shopping for a bday card from my bro-bro. Manda was obsessed with the cards that play songs when you open them. We saw one covered in hamsters and I started singing the Hamster Dance song in the grocery store.

The End!

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2 Replies to “Watch Hairy Molest an Ice Cream Cone Cupcake (BBQ video!)”

  1. Nikki says:

    Oh wear can I get one of those storm trooper hoodies?

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      I’ll get back to you. I have to ask!

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