More video….from Renegade Craft Fair!

Some explanations:

1) Heaven in a Cardboard Boat: Manda had said this seconds earlier, and I found it so funny at the time (the sheer, honest, love for hot dogs), that I asked her to repeat herself on camera. It’s not quite the same as the original….

2) Take the Picture!!! : We didn’t realize (again) that the camera was on video mode. I was trying to pose with the sweet gal who asked me to sign her Layer Cake Tissue Cozy.

3) Eat it!!!: Hairy procured a cupcake from the cupcake booth. The one he is eating is called the CRAP CAKE.

4) This Is Our World Coming into Fruition!!!: Manda, while bored, decided to pick up q crochet hook after a 20 year hiatus. I was impressed she could remember as much as she did! It started as sort of a flower, and then sort of exploded into an amoeba……I asked her to ponder its yonder.

5) Is it ALL video?: No explanation.

6) (spitting out your turkey sandwich): So this came from my phobia of eating at our booth. I don’t think anybody was actually paying attention to what I was doing, but I just felt like I was eating on stage or something, and I didn’t want to have to chat with someone with bread sticking to my teeth. One time I was taking a bite, and I accidentally made eye-contact with somebody walking by, and I wanted to immediately eject my sandwich. I told Manda I would demonstrate on video.


HotDogs & CrapCakes,

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6 Replies to “More video….from Renegade Craft Fair!”

  1. Nicoletta says:

    lovely friends♥

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      they are good sports and let me film them doing silly things!

  2. Megalina says:

    I love the turkey sandwich ejection 🙂 Completely amazing. It’s like you hit a button and pow it projectiles out! It made me laugh.

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      My mother would be horrified. HAHAA j/k

  3. Raisa says:

    Ha ha! You guys are so funny! I totally loved the sandwich demonstration!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      It was very random, but funny!

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