Puttin’ on my face! (video)

A lot of gals, espesh on MySpace, have asked me about my makeup and how I do it. I do not know how to put on makeup at all, and I just do what I do because it’s fast and simple for me and hides what I want to hide! 😛

I have always wanted to be a low maintenance gal. I didn’t wear any kind of makeup in highschool. I dabbled in eyeliner in college, and then when my mom and I went to get fun makeovers at the Prescriptives counter sometime shortly after, she said I looked better with my eyebrows done! I was never a lipstick girl. I think it brings more attention to my crooked teeth!

I have hardly any eyebrows or eyelashes, so I feel like a big old alien when I have no makeup on. I do not leave the house without eyeliner! When I was 14, I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder which also gave me the bug eyes that I have today (I used eyeshadow in order to hide the appearance of my upper lids puffing a little bit over my eyeline). I think the hyperthyroidism, plus years and years of lack of proper sleep, have given me wicked under-eyebags, which are embarrassingly obvious in this video (yes, I photoshop them in photos…who needs to see that?! yuck!). If anyone out there has any pointers about eyebags, please let me know!!! I’ve tried many creams, etc, and nothing really helps at all, so I’m thinking that nothing really works anyway!

Okay okay, enough dancing around the topic of my gross, un-made-up face! On to the video.

Super Janky Makeup Video from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

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  • Pam


    Who sings that song?

  • EggVIP


    This was so much fun to watch!

    Your lip balm is easy and transformative! I want some.

    Also, it’s all about some Secret Chemical Strength. Yeah!

    • It tastes kinda funny…but I still really like it because it’s subtle!

  • Ugggh, I use that same eyeliner and I love it, even though it’s cheapsies. I always gotta pull my eyelid to the side in order to do it though, I’m not a pro like you. hahaha.

    Your comments made me laugh, aggggh sponge applicators! (I use those, I’m not fancy, pffft.)

    • Maybe it’s cuz my eyeskin is stretched over my bulbous eyeballs…. 😛

  • Andreea


    With or without make-up you are beautiful.
    Thank you for the tips though 😉

    • Aw, you are too sweet! Thank you!

  • Sharon


    I really liked your lil’ vid. The song was a great choice and I’m easily amused so the whole super fast thing appealed to me as well. :]

    I’m following you on Twitter and I noticed you live in the USA so I’m unsure if you will be able to get this over there but there is a great beauty blog I follow which recently did a review of Superdrug’s Brightening Eye Cream and she said it was amazing. She also did a review of a lil’ eyebrow shaping toolkit by Urban Decay that maybe you would be interested in?

    Hope this helps!

    • oh WOW!!!! I would love to get my hands on some of that! But apparently the superdrug website only ships to the UK, and the link on eBay said that I couldn’t access the page due to some French policy on something or other….hmmm….will have to bribe a friend in the UK to send some over! 😛

  • Sharon


    Ps. I was wondering what you thought of the Eyeko Fat Balm and what flavour you had it in? I’m thinking of buying some Eyeko stuff myself and would love an opinion on it.

    • I keep meaning to do an Eyeko review, but then I get lazy!!

      I use the strawberry flavor. I also bought mint because I love mint, but the color is too light for my lips and I”m not really into that pale lipstick/mod look!

      Overall, I’m a sucker for packaging and everything is very cute, but it kind of smells and feels like makeup kits for little girls. I don’t know that I’d highly recommend it.

  • Polina


    This is pretty amazing! The speed and precision of your eyeliner skills are impressive. But it’s def. the deodorant in the end that makes the video. Haha. You wouldn’t expect that in a make-up tutorial. My sister swears by that new Secret deodorant that’s suppose to retard hair growth overtime. (I have yet to try)

    I have dark puffy under eye circles, but when I have time to make green tea in the mornings I like putting the steamed tea bags under my eyes. Brings the puffiness way down and the antioxidants are suppose to be really good for your skin. I also love love love Tarte’s powder illuminator. I put it on my upper cheek bones and under my eyes.

    Also, I love Bourjouis blushes! My “mother-in-law” is ten shades paler than me and we use the same color blush. They seem to compliment all skin tones. I swear by that and Laura Geller’s Blush N Brighten in Grapefruit. Gooood stuff.

    • Perhaps I should have just called it “morning routine” video to include the deod… hahah 😛

      I actually never tried tea bags or cucumbers because I figured they were sucky. But it is good to know that green tea is helpful!!!! I will experiment! It would be nice to have help like that for an occasion like somebody’s wedding where I have to be in photos!

      Did you ever try the lotions that were supposed to retard hair growth on your body?? I think I did, and….nada.

  • Cara


    Man I am amazed by how quickly you put your eye makeup on. I’v bee doing eyeliner for years now and it still takes me forever. I almost clapped when you zoomed on that 2nd little eyeliner flick thing. I try to do that it just looks nasty and smudgey.

    (I also still use sponge applicators because I am hella lazy and use cheap eyeshadows anyway)

    • I’m happy to hear all the sponge applicator users coming out of the woodwork! HAhaha.

  • jules chan


    Too funny!! I like the deodorant demo.

  • Thanks for the little video I really enjoyed it. I see you used black shadow and wondered if you ever had any problems with the shadow falling down onto your check when applying it? And what do you use to brush it away w/o having to take off any already applied make up. I use black for the smokey look sometimes…maybe its because I use brushes to apply mine. But I always blow and tap the excess off. The black eyeliner bit was awesome… I love that extra line.

    • Nope! Maybe cuz I don’t use a brush. It all just pretty much stays on the sponge!

  • stina


    thank you for this video! it’s so nice to finally see someone using cheap stuff like me, and still looking awesome. and i loooved the little finishing touch at the end! 😀

    • hahahh thanks for watching!!! 😀

  • The cramped hand


    love all your videos.
    I know it sounds kind of icky but
    hemorrhoidal cream is the only thing that acctually shrinks the puffies.
    If you want to make the bags under your eyes look less obvious don’t use liner under your eyes. I don’t think you have to worry about that.

    • I actually looked into PrepH for eyebags! Then I read that PrepH in the U.S. no longer contains that ingredient to fight eyebags. But the Canadian version does!!! I wonder if that is true!

      Yeah, sometimes I experiment with not lining the bottom, or not lining all the way, but I still end up looking more tired, I think!

      • The cramped hand


        Try tucks I think it works better.
        That’s what I use for my allergie eyes.
        Some mornings I look like a pug dog.

        • AHHHHHhhh okay! NOW I have something to try!!!! Do you just give it a wipe, or do you hold it down?

          • The cramped hand


            gently rub it near your eye and let it sit on for a while , I try to leave it on for a half hour than I wash it off.The longer you leave it the better it works sometimes all you can do is 10min.

          • Thanks for the infos!!!!! I’m so curious to try now.

  • Marie


    You can criticize your looks ’til you’re blue in the face, but you still look gorgeous, doll!

    Loved the video. I’m so ignorant about makeup, and usually just slap some Studio Fix on and go. It’s fun watching “pros” like you do it!

    I have hypothyroidism and it sucks, too. I’m on medication for it (for life) but will never feel “normal” again. 🙁

    p.s. Gotta try the Bourjois blush and Eyeko fat balm. Thanks for the tips!

    • Awww you are too sweet!!! I am so not a pro!!! I only know how to do one thing and I do it every day 😛

      Yeah, if my hyperthyroid flares up again, they will probably want to zap me and then I’ll be permanently hypo and have to take meds!! I know it can be hard to maintain your weight at that point! I’m sorry you have to deal with that. A lot of women in my family if thyroid issues. It’s funky!

  • Kimi


    Great video, I enjoyed watching it! Now I have some tips on eyelids…use eyeshadow instead of trying to eyeliner it all and have it get flaky (I use liquid eyeliner).

    Do you ever have problems taking off all the eyeliner at the end of the day? No matter what I use I end up looking skunky until I wash my face again the next morning.

    • Thank you! I’ve experimented using eyeshadow instead of liner, but maybe I neeed to use a more pigmented black shadow. The ColorStay is pretty great because it doesn’t flake on me. I also have watery/oily eyes, and it stays fairly put through the day.

      Generally I don’t have too much trouble removing it. the Clinique eyemakeup remover works really well, but when I feel pooor, like now, I use those Almay pads and they work alright, too, just not as gently as the Clinique!

  • natalia


    Video is cool.

  • Hezzywoo


    I use that blusher!! I quite like it – probably just cause it smells nice. I can only wear eyeliner on my top lids cause I’m so frikkin pale.

    • I love the smell, too!

      I always want to play with colorful eyeshadow, but I end up looking like a clown or a freak. Black is the color for me!

  • Sharon


    Well if that doesn’t work out then maybe we could do a swapsies? I could have a hunt around for it and let you know if I find it?

    I’m not a make-up pro really so anything aimed at little girls is usually good with me ’cause it’s usually less complicated to use and no one will be looking in my make-up bag anyways…..

    • That would be super! If you do ever find it, please let me know, and let me know specifically what you’d like me to send you!

  • Tams


    Love the video! Although it kinda made me feel like I should wear makeup, except I am way too lazy for that! I have the bags under my eyes, too, but I just wear obnoxious glasses and hope that they distract people.

    • I also like to hope my glasses hide/distract a little bit!

  • Elaine


    Girl, you crack me up. Love the end, very unexpected.

    • Haha 😛 It seemed so natural to me. Exactly my real routine! 😛

  • hayley


    your videos crack me up! random but brilliant! i also dont leave the house without eyeliner or my eyebrows undrawn because i have the shortest eyelashes in history and barely any eyebrows.. and i kind of look like a cancer patient without it! my friends thought i was a weirdo when i said it.. and then i went camping and had no make-up on and tada they saw the cancer patient!

  • Lydia


    My burning question is… you don’t wear mascara? I’ve been thinking about taking mascara out of my daily makeup routine and just going with eyeliner and shadow alone.

    • HI there! I hardly have any eyelashes do mascara is not in my routine for sure!!!
      I used to wear false eyelashes everyday in my early 20s but i stopped doing that once i started wearing glasses 🙂

      • Lydia


        Well, you look great! I just ordered some of the pressed powder you wear – I was inspired 🙂

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