Fun Stuff Round Up!

1. Polka dot Bib Dress by BonjourPierre on Etsy.
2. Amazing Tree Bed by Shawn Lovelle Metalworks.
3. iKaraoke!
4. Goblin Hood Dress by Malam on Etsy.
5. Reconstructed Striped Dress by heidiandseek on Etsy.
6. Cat Messenger Bag by decora on Etsy.
7. green Mazeppa top by Dainty June at All Mighty.
8. Birdhouse Trio bry Frippelous on Lollishops.

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4 Replies to “Fun Stuff Round Up!”

  1. Concertina says:

    I neeeeed that iKaraoke…

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      I am intrigued, but would probably never use it….it’s cool, tho!

  2. jules chan says:

    Uhmm, not sure about the tree bed, imagine waking up and thinking your in the movie, Evil Dead!!!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      I think that would be Hairy’s dream come true!!

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