Vacation Video “Teaser”!

MMMM okay this is just me being grumpy or annoyed. HAHA. While I was going thru the video clips a few days ago, I noticed I was more grouchy than I thought. Sleep deprived. Sweaty. Had the doodoos. I do my best. Hahah.

Here’s a short collection. Actual video montage to follow later! Oh and PHOTOS! Sheesh.

Sometimes I’m Grumpy from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

5 Comments on “Vacation Video “Teaser”!”

  • Pam


    haha. quite amusing.
    “What are you raping a centaur again?”

  • That was fun!!! Grumpy or not I liked it b/c you talked…It was good!!! The funniest parts: “Not me! That!”, and “Ughhh”, oh and the side ways hop.

    And your hair is always great but I loved the last part of the video where your hair had the flower in it. Very Cute!

  • I think my favorite is, “What’s that? Someone raping a centaur……AGAIN?”

  • Elaine


    I must admit I LOLed with this one. Yeah, that raping a centaur comment got me too. Fun nee!

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