Girl Meets Betsey Bag

Hairy has said I am officially “bad.”

I am not “bad,” I am human!!! A mere human girl!!!

When I got the email telling me that Betsey Johnson’s bags were 40% off, I had to take a look…. and I fell deeply and hopelessly in love with this amazing ice cream tote bag.

The handles are pink sequins, the giant ice cream on the front is a zipper pocket, there’s a magnetic snap closure, tons of room for my crap. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?!??! I MEAN REALLY!?!!??

(please excuse my terrible hair. sometimes it just does whatever it wants to do…)

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9 Replies to “Girl Meets Betsey Bag”

  1. Howie Woo says:

    That bag is way more Twinkie Chan than Betsey Johnson!:D Replacement letters should read “Twinkieville”

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      HAHA OH NO, blasphemy!! Betsey, close your ears!

  2. Erica says:

    Seriously, I thought you must have customized it!

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      How great would that be if you could!

  3. Amy Doan says:

    Are you crazy?! Your hair looks FUCKING AMAZING!! Come model for me. NOW!!!

  4. Beth says:

    He clearly does not understand. We’ll excuse him this time. 🙂

    Yeh, and about your hair….it’s freakin’ adorable as usual.

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      Hahahaha 😛 You’re so kind on both counts!

  5. Chloe says:

    The bag’s lovely! I could never decide which Betsy Johnson’s bag to get. They’re all so CUTE!!!

    Good call on the ice cream cone and pink sequins!!!

  6. Renee says:

    Your hair effin rox!?! omg!
    and the bag is divine! ROCK ON!

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