Jiggly Pudding, Pasta Throwing, and SQUILLAS = HONG KONG MONTAGE!!!!

First installment of Hong Kong Highlights!

p.s. my shoot-em-up fingers in the intro + the music starting was not planned ahead! awesome.

4 Comments on “Jiggly Pudding, Pasta Throwing, and SQUILLAS = HONG KONG MONTAGE!!!!”

  • Nathalie


    Fun! Thanks for sharing. And LOL at the bathroom themed restaurant ^_^

  • eastbay


    I’m so jealous. btw, the wig didn’t look that bad.

  • Michelle


    Loved the video. And oh my gosh, you ate out of a toilet!!! LOL! That had to be the coolest place to eat on the planet. LOL! Very creative idea for an eatery. LOL!

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