Crocheting Layer Cakes at the Shooting Range

‘Kay, this is really random, but on Saturday we ended up going to a shooting range with my dad, his friend, my bro, and his lady, and my bro’s friend. This is not really a normal activity for us. I went once, a couple years ago, and I did shoot a gun. I was really bad at hitting the target, so I kind of just gave up. This time, I crocheted the whole time and was afraid I was embarrassing everybody! I’m a pew-pew party-pooper! Hairy was a sport and shot all manner of guns even tho it seemed to kind of go against his political/personal thoughts on gun control. At any rate, I don’t mean to start up a big discussion about guns, etc. This is just what we happened to end up doing, and, in a weird way, the whole scene was funny to me because it was just such an odd picture, to see people I know with real weapons!

Here’s a short video clip of Hairy and me walking down the hill toward the range. I didn’t take any video of anyone actually shooting. I was afraid the super loud noise would kill my camera’s mic or something…!

Mando “let’s take a pic of ourselves” pic:

Hairy and my Bro:

Hairy with a scary gun:

Hairy with a scarier gun:

Hairy with ammo in his butt:

That shot was especially gangsta.

My sister in law. She’s also an attorney, so stay on her good side.

I spent the rest of the weekend crocheting cake tissue boxes. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your opinions and feedback on the sprinkles!

I did not make an official tally for sprinkles vs sprinkles votes….but it really feels quite evenly split. I’ve been toying with a few alternative sprinkle methods, but I have not yet affixed any sprinkles….I am going to complete all the boxes, and then take a step back and re-assess! They are almost all done now, except for whipped cream and cherries, since I ran out of yarn and need to go to the store tomorrow.

Tonight we also went to Loew’s to buy some plexiglass and get it cut, in order to create an extra shelf inside the vintage fridge for more display area. Also a tap light so it won’t be super dark in there!!

Things are slowly shaping up. I can’t believe how much I let this fair take up my life! haha!! Afterward, I am going to be knee-deep in writing my pattern book, since it’s due in October! At least I think it is….I haven’t officially signed any contracts yet. We wrote some notes on the contract and I haven’t heard anything back yet. This is par for the course, tho. Contracts can take forever, and I’ve seen situations where people have delivered their manuscripts before even signing anything, and then they get their signing and delivery payment all at once!

Monday will be all about finishing the tissue boxes, making more cute-tility packs and maybe another ice cream scarf, and trying to plan out my booth more. I don’t even have an actual table yet!!!!!! Also I need to buy doggie food! They ran out of everything all at once. This means a potential triple-digit purchase. Babies are expensive, but I heart them!

14 Comments on “Crocheting Layer Cakes at the Shooting Range”

  • Mermaid


    Haha that first picture of you is too cute. I love it.

    Also, you and Hairy are a really cute couple. I love you guys and your little family, just full of adorable.

  • I heart the photo of you and Hairy and I’m always so happy to see you wearing the cupcake necklace:)

    I would have been shooting my ass off, hell yeah, way to get out all my pent up frustration ;D

  • Oh, ps, the winner was announced on my lovelylittledeer blog!

  • Tams


    I love crafting in inappropriate places! So good! I sometimes spin yarn on the train with a drop spindle, but I guess that is not so weird since a lot of people knit on transit?

    My kitties and bunny ran out of litter and food at the same time a couple weeks ago. That trip to the pet food store cost me $90, so I feel your pain.

  • Ashleigh


    Aw you make me want to start crocheting or knitting πŸ˜€

    • Go for it!!! There are many good instructional videos these days!!

  • Michelle


    Sounds like a fun weekend. But how could you concentrate with all that loud noise? Your video alone almost made me pee myself. My volume was full blast. LOL!

    • Yeah you just kinda had to accept the fact that there would always be loud popping/banging noises!

  • Veronica


    I take my crochet everywhere too! Everyone makes fun of me because I have been known to crochet at the bar…lol. I don’t like to drink, so it gives me something to do πŸ˜‰

  • Howie


    Crocheting and high-caliber weapons should be harmonious activities! πŸ˜€ If there was a photo of you holding a crochet needle in one hand and an uzi in the other, you would inspire a dangerously-crafty alliance!

  • You crocheting at the shooting range qualifies you for honorary Alaskan residency! Many Alaskan women, though we can (and do) shoot as well (or better) than our partners, often sit out while everyone else plays Blam-mo. My good friend Shannon takes her beadwork or other crafting, and I’ll take crocheting or a good book to read whenever our loved ones want to do something outdoorsey and/or artillary related! πŸ™‚

  • Shelbi


    for the layer cakes, maybe you should do one half of the cakes with sprinkles and another half without to accomedate both preferences? and good luck with your book. πŸ˜€

  • Hezzywoo


    The shooting range looks scary but I love your apple bag!

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