Need LayerCake Tissue Cozy advice! (video)

Sprinkles or no sprinkles? See below!!

Also please excuse extra weird video. I was blindly recording with the digi cam (I usually use Photobooth) so I had no idea if I was actually in the frame or not. Hahah!

Cake Box from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

This is a “sketch” I did in photoshop before I started work in order to figure out the colors. As you can see, I initially did put sprinkles on it, but I am sort of leaning toward no sprinkles now…. hmmm!!!

Also here are some doggie vids from yesterday.

Here is Bibi eating her foot and Bunny saying hi with her butt.

Untitled from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

And moments after, here is Bibi checking out what’s on TV.

Untitled from Twinkie Chan on Vimeo.

41 Comments on “Need LayerCake Tissue Cozy advice! (video)”

  • Mermaid


    I like it better without the sprinkles. I think it looks amazing as is. The sprinkles don’t make it look bad at all, but I like it without.

    Bibi looks amazing as is too. <3

  • Ellen


    I like it both ways, but really…what’s NOT better WITH sprinkles? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • this is what i normally do think!

  • megan


    I really like both ways (really cute/clever concept) but I think that I prefer the sprinkles. The sprinkles really make it look like a Twinkie Chan design instead of just a super cute piece of sheet cake.

  • Michele


    I’m torn. I really like both of them and they look cute either way, but I think I like it without the sprinkles. I do however think it looks a little plain. Maybe you could come up with another idea altogether?

    • Hm, I don’t think i will re-design before the fair, but I am sure I will dabble in other designs in the future!

  • heather


    i like it with the sprinkles, but i think that unsprinkled would be better for the cake as a whole. it would be simple and pretty, not really overwhelming, while i feel the sprinkles would kind of be… BOOM.

  • Sprinkles always make me happy, so I definitely like the design with sprinkles!

  • Ali


    Those are so delish! I’m torn as well but I’m leaning towards the non sprinkle one more. What a tough decision. Hope you figure it out. xoxo

  • Lee


    What a Brilliant Brilliant idea!
    It’s a toughie, but I think I prefer it without sprinkles.

  • QBug


    Out of the two options, I think the one without sprinkles is best. Have you tried doing sprinkles on just the top of the cake? You see it in a lot of drugstore sheetcakes, so maybe it’ll look cute… (like this:

    I also just noticed from the Bibi butt videos that we have the same lime green shag rug. Ikea forever!!!

    • Hahaha good eye re: the rug!!!

      I kinda like the sprinkles on top idea. I just tried it out before clicking on the link. I’ve a feeling that cake is blank in the middle in preparation for words or something. I totally did also think of having all the cakes spell out some words, so you’d walk away with only a portion of some random word, but the little wads of kleenex peeking out may mess that up. I like re-visiting the idea tho, and I really do like the sprinkles on top. I get to have my sprinkles, but it’s too craycray.

  • Jocelyn


    What a great idea! I have to say that even though I LOVE both cake slices, I think I prefer it without the sprinkles. They are both so cute, but without sprinkles it seems a bit more ‘elegant’, if that makes sense!

    • I totally get you on the elegance thing! I still can’t make up my mind ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Marie


    Oh, SPRINKLES! Like Ellen so ellen-oquently said, what’s NOT better with sprinkles?!

    Break a leg this weekend! :-}

    • QBug



      I love it.

  • Ashley


    Hi there, I love them both but I like the cake piece w/o the sprinkles. I think it gives the whole piece a cleaner look. No problems with the sprinkles though I do love things all rainbow and sprinkly!

  • Flora


    They look great as is but something about the sprinkles gives it an over the top Twinkie Chan touch to it.
    Sprinkles! I beg of you!

  • Zannid


    While I am a big fan of sprinkles, I actually like the cake without it. With the sprinkle cake my eye gets drawn to the white frosting w/ sprinkles while with the other cake I look at it as a whole. It also seems a bit… odd that the sprinkles are only on the white part, but I think if it was on the whole cake it might overwhelm. Not sure. Either way, very cute design.

  • Megalina


    I really like the sprinkles. I think they make it look more complete. But I’m a big fan of sprinkles…

  • My initial reaction before seeing anything was…..ofcourse sprinkles!

    But now that I look at the slice with and without…..I think it’s even better with no sprinkles.

    No sprinkles. Final answer.

  • vero


    hhhmmm…. no doubt YES SPRINKLES!

  • Jules Chan


    Definately WITH sprinkles. Without looks abit more like a Christmas cake?? With is more cutesey.
    Does that make sense?
    And your hairs not a mess!

  • Amy Cluck


    OMG, everything you are making right now is freakin’ adorable!!! I want it all!

    Love both versions but I say sprinkles!

  • Mike


    I think it depends on what your going for. Elegant or Cutesy.

    I personally like it with the sprinkles.

  • RachelG


    I would love to blow with a tissue from either one, but given a choice, I’d grab from the non sprinkled first!

  • vera


    Totally love your tissueboxes ๐Ÿ˜€
    Normally i like things with lots of colours and also sprinkles ๐Ÿ˜€
    But with these i would keep it simple! I like the white frosting and with the sprinkles on you see less of it.

  • Tams


    basically for the first one i was like “oh, yes, it’s cute” and then sprinkles happened and i went “AAAAAH SPRINKLES EEEEEEEE!!!”

    so tally one up for the sprinkles side.

  • Michelle


    So when I first watched the video I thought “Sprinkles!!!” But after I watched it a second time, I thought “No sprinkles.” because the cake would seem weird with just sprinkles just on the white frosting. I think the suggestions of sprinkles over the top would look a little bit better. So my final is no sprinkles.

  • Flo


    Aww it’s so cute with and without. I think the sprinkles on top is a good idea, or maybe just sprinkles on the top line of frosting?


  • Bailey


    Both are sweet, but I prefer without the sprinkles.

  • jen


    I’m torn. Sprinkles are wonderful, but the “slice” without them reminded me of cakes from when I was a kid (back in the blissful eighties). This is such a “Sophie’s Choice” moment. I loved Bunny’s hello also.

  • Hezzywoo


    I would maybe use colourful seed beads sewn on instead of the little pom poms. They’re more subtle but you would still get that burst of colour. Like in your sugarcookie brooch thingabobs. Those little tube sprinkle-ish things.

  • Norma


    At first I thought, hmm.. it’s cute without sprinkles.. then.. I saw the piece with the sprinkles.. and, needless to say it took the cake. I loved it. It doesn’t look much “twinkieish” without the sprinkles.. So my vote is WITH. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kimi


    I love it with sprinkles…I love the detailing the sprinkles bring.

    As others have said, it looks great without sprinkles, but I do feel it adds that extra oomf.

    Are you selling these at the fair? I hope you’ll put some up on etsy because I DO WANT a corner piece!!

  • Jenn


    I love both ideas, but i have to say i prefer the one without sprinkles. Maybe a plainer tone of sprinkles would be more appropriate? like little yellow and pink ones to go with the cake colours, or chocolate coloured ones, or glittery ones…. ah im getting too excited over sprinkles!!

    Im sure whatever you decide will be delish!


    • I just tried to do only brown, and then only white on top of the cake…..kind of looked like the cake had a skin disease!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Jenn


        Haha diseased cake! Fair enough….

        Well I think both versions are yummy… I might try my hand at making something similar, no chance of looking as tasty as yours though!

        Good luck with the craft show x

  • Vicki


    Gah! What a fantastic idea! I’m always so impressed.

    Normally I’m a fan of all things sprinkles, but I think I like the version without better. Just has a different feel to it.

  • Ive been on vacation and missed this post! OMG they are both flippin sweet!!! with sprinkles it looks like a bday party cake and without it looks like tea party cake! there is no way i could choose – good luck! YOU ARE BRILLIANT!

    • aw you’re too sweet!!

      i kinda like the idea of a bday party cake! i wanted to put candles on it, too, but i’d need to figure out a way to make them stand up!

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