My New Alarm Clock Looks Just Like My Dog.

Soooo, when we are dog sitting at Woodside, doggie-meal-time is a crazy, fevered, battle of survival to finish their food. Breakfast and dinner are over in mere minutes.

However, here at home, Bunny likes to take her time, and she doesn’t even finish. However, after she eats her fill, she just guards the rest of her food, which drives Bibi insane.

So Bibi lets me know that Bunny is up to no good, by whining for 10 minutes straight until I get up to take Bunny’s food away. Here’s a small sampling of Bibi’s musical morning stylings!

6 Comments on “My New Alarm Clock Looks Just Like My Dog.”

  • QBug


    Aw, it made me cry a little.

    My dog used to make noises like that, but she died a couple months ago.

  • Beth


    It’s funny, but MAN that would start to get old real fast. 🙂

    My alarm clock is my cat who likes to get on my chest and “knit” until I acknowledge her.

    Animals are so funny.

    • I just can’t believe what a tattletale Bibi is!

  • Amelia


    my dog does that all the time he’ll go to another room and just cry.

    i played this video for him and got some awesome head tilt action.

    • He was probably like “Ugh, shut up!”

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