1. Spun Cotton Rabbit Figure by VintageByCrystal on Etsy. This one in particular is sold out, but it’s the one that caught my eyes. Check her out. She makes other really amazing figures.
2. Mini Teeth Soap Sets by LoveLeeSoaps on Etsy.
3. Toast tunic/dress by MILK.
4. HAND SOAP by foliage on Etsy.
5. Weird nipple tee! at CosmicSoda.com
6. Intarsia Bow Intarsia Puff Sleeve Cardi by Betsey Johnson. WANT WANT WANT.
7. Girl in Gumballs polaroid transfer by SheHitPauseStudio on Etsy.
8. Gorgeous Lampwork glass cupcake bead by flamekeeper on Etsy.

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  • great stuff… i have a few of those items hearted already!! hahaha
    love me those baby hand soaps 😉

  • Mermaid


    That Betsey Johnson cardigan is amazing but wayyy too expensive.

  • lauren


    AH that Betsey Johnson shirt is super cute. Oh if I just had $300 lying around….

    And that glasswork cupcake bead totally looks like it has eyes on top…

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