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Free Crochet Pattern & Video: Easy Chain Link Scarf!

OKAY, I know it’s only like the day before Mother’s Day, but I posted a YouTube video for a Mother’s Day project anyway. You know how it goes with me … I’m a terrible planner when it comes to videos … Continue reading

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The “Knick Knack” Mystery Jewelry Box from Alphabet Suitcase!

I have another fun subscription box to show you guys! Lucy from Alphabet Suitcase asked if I might want to check out their mystery jewelry subscription box called Knick Knack, and I said, yes of course! She wondered specifically if I … Continue reading

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Free Crochet Pattern and Video: Lemon Stress Ball!

April is National Stress Awareness month, and the Craft Yarn Council asked me to help them write a crochet pattern for a stress ball, so that people can not only stitch away their stress, but then also squeeze away their stress! I … Continue reading

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Free Crochet Pattern: Holly Golightly Sleeping Mask from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I randomly decided the other day that I needed to make myself Holly Golightly’s sleeping mask from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I figured I’d share the pattern so that you guys can make one, too! The cool thing about this pattern … Continue reading

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New Video Tutorial: Heart Garland!

I just posted a new video tutorial for an old-ish pattern here on my blog: the heart garland that was featured before in Crochet Today magazine! It’s a cool tutorial for beginners, because we go through several different stitches like … Continue reading

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