Crocheted Baby Groot Video Tutorial & Giveaway!

g1Groot news! I just uploaded a new video tutorial to YouTube to accompany my free crocheted baby Groot pattern! (I apologize in advance for the slightly weird photos in this post. They are video screengrabs shot in Photobooth… only the finest quality for you, only the finest.)

Also since so many people have been asking if I will sell a finished Groot to them (I have no plans to sell finished Groots), I decided to have a giveaway here on the blog. You have a week to enter via the Rafflecopter widget below (ends next Friday, October 10th at midnight), and I will draw 5 winners, open internationally!

g2I am running low on the discontinued yarn I used for my original Groot, but I promise to use an equally nubbly and tweedy yarn, which just may end up being a sliiiightly different hue/texture. I will be giving away the baby Groot only and NOT the terracotta pot or any pebbles or moss. You’ll just be getting a little naked baby tree. You have to supply a pot yourself, since I don’t want to ship pots and risk breakage or pay extra shipping for a heavy package. But terracotta pots are easy to find and are cheap, so I think you guys can handle it! I do not recommend giving my baby Groots to small children because of small parts and potential wiring. 


g4You will be able to decide on some customizations for your baby Groot, like the length (long or short, or as I labeled in the photos, “Big Baby” and “Little Baby”) and whether you want the body, arms, or both to be wired. My favorite version for snuggles is no wiring at all, but for posing, my favorite is a wire in the body and pipe cleaners in the arms, but you can tell me what you prefer. Please allow me 3-4 weeks to finish custom-making your new babies before shipping them.

Good luck!


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171 Comments on “Crocheted Baby Groot Video Tutorial & Giveaway!”

  • Claudia


    I love them! They’re super cute!

  • Karina Caro


    please message me on facebook:) Its the best way for me to know if I win. Thank You:D wish they had these to buy ! They would sell like hot cakes. So hopefully I win this:)

  • Henry


    I love little baby groot <3

  • Tatiana salazar


    Natilie this is for you! Win this!

  • Kathy C.


    THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! Once I watched your video tutorial I was able to make my happy, wired-arms, Baby Groot and everybody LOVES him!!! I’ll be making many more!!

    You are so fun, creative and a breath of fresh air!!! THANK YOU for being you and sharing your creative goodness with all of us!!!

    Fan in Forest Grove, Oregon!!

  • Geeky Tofu



  • Tanya


    I want a Groot

  • TJ


    Loving these Groots!

  • Torrie


    How many Groots does it take to change a lightbulb? I do not know. How many?

  • Oh he is soooo adorable. I loved this movie and I know I hope they decide to make an actual Groot toy that dances (Do you remember those dancing flowers in the pot from the 80’s? – one like that but as a groot would be perfect!)

    Awesome giveaway – hopefully I’ll get to meet you at the Renegrade Craft fair this year if I can convince one of my friends to drive up to the city with me. =)

    • TwinkieChan


      Those dancing flowers have been like $400 on ebay because people are buying them to make Groots! 😛

  • Cogaroo


    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! I love your Baby Groots, and if I don’t win I think I’ll be making one. 🙂

  • Kim C


    So cute! Is that a trick question…how many to chg a lightbulb! I hope I win!

  • Bonita Bingham


    I fell in love with the baby groot.Thank you for sharing the pattern. I have made 13 groots so far and I am now making a stuffed toy baby groot…his head is 18 inches in diameter at the largest part of head..working on his body now…Thank you so much TwinkieChan…Bonnie

  • kat


    Anyone receive their prize yet?

    • TwinkieChan


      Don’t worry. They are almost finished and just need leaves added. I’m just so slammed with holiday orders but doing my most-humanly best to get everything out before xmas.

  • El Heart Eggos


    Hello Twinkie Chan! Did you, by any chance, see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 yet??? I’M GOING TO SEE IT TOMORROW AND I CAN’T WAAAAAAAAAAIIIIITTTT!!!!!!

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