2 Live Crew & Manda’s Storage Unit

Screen shot 2013-11-30 at 5.08.20 AMI hung out with Manda on Friday to work at her house, and we paid a visit to her storage unit in the evening. It was REALLY CREEPY in there, y’all! Like, dead-bodies-and-murderers creepy. I said, “We should make a 30-second horror movie in here,” and Manda said, “OKAY,” soooo we did! I don’t think Manda and I will be quitting our day jobs to make movies or be actors, buuuut making home movies was definitely part of our childhood, and now it’s ten times easier with iPhones!

I was mostly afraid we were going to get in trouble for yelling, running in the hallway, and turning the lights on and off. If anyone watches our footage on the security camera: I’m sorry, and, you’re welcome.

I call this masterpiece: The Storage Unit.


(2 Live Crew is the music I used for the “bloopers” section, in case you were like, “What does this terrible movie have to do with 2 Live Crew?”)

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11 Replies to “2 Live Crew & Manda’s Storage Unit”

  1. Lee says:

    Ha ha ha!! Ha.

  2. Dawn says:

    Too… Funny… And creepy! Lol on a less scary note.. Love your scarves…especially yours… I’m going to have to make one for my own! Enjoy!

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Grace says:

    hehe….hahahahahahahahahaha!!! (tell Manda her cookies look yummy ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I have a brother who had a storage unit, and I’ve seen how creepy those places look!!! Like you, it was at night, and nobody was there…DESERTED!!! However, if a zombie popped out, you could probably give it a cupcake scarf and it would be perfectly happy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      YES, we were also in a shady part of town. I think it was the murder capital of the U.S. some years back. EXTRA CREEPY!!!!

  4. Fiona says:

    ha ha ha, you guys are awesome! I think I would be genuinely scared though having to go there!

  5. Danielle says:

    Two thumbs up! What a twist!! I especially liked how the bloopers are like 3 times as long as the movie itself.

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      We spent 45 minutes dorking around because we are terrible movie makers and actors! HAHAHAHAHAH.

  6. Lynne says:

    Twinkie you and Manda are nutter butters. I LOVE IT! Keep having fun.

  7. Cami says:

    I love how the bloopers are longer than the film. haha

    1. I tried to keep it 15 second long for Insta, but failed on that front as well. AHAHAHAHA.

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