All Around the Yummy You-niverse Photo Shoot: Day 2

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More from the Yummy You! shoot with model Shannie Bee and photog Crazy Spork I Am! These were all shot on the same day as the other looks, but I’m calling it “Day 2” because it’s Day 2 on the blog! 😛 Powell’s Sweet Shoppe was really nice about us shooting inside and outside their store. I bought some gummy candy for me and Hairy! Stay tuned for Look #3 tomorrow!

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All Around the Yummy You-niverse Photo Shoot: Day 1

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I’m so so so so excited to show you guys some photos from an amazing day with adorable model Shannie Bee and my buddy Marissa/Crazy Spork I Am who was the photog and stylist for the day. We’ll be releasing shots from a different outfit and location each day this week on the Yummy You! Facebook page (and here, too!). We combined Yummy You! items, my handmade items, Marissa’s handmade items (Pizzacato Kei), and pieces from Shannie’s and Marissa’s wardrobes. There were so many amazing shots from each outfit, but I did my best to pare them down to about 3 shots each, so as not to overwhelm you at first! I can’t wait to show you everything else! (p.s. the candy heart Yummy You necklace will be available in the Yummy You shop in the next few days!)      

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T-shirt DIY with Ice Cream & Sunnies Tee! (Part One!)

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Have I got a treat for you! Our buddy Selina from has whipped up some majorly awesome DIY’s with Yummy You’s Ice Cream & Sunnies Tshirt! Here’s the first one!!! So cute, right!?

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Yummy You! Photoshoot at Cafe 50’s in LA!

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Oh my jeez! I’m so happy to finally be able to show you guys the fun photos we took at Cafe 50’s in LA! I’m usually in the habit of being lazy and just using myself to model my items, so it was fun and different to watch other people do it! Thanks so much to Irene Yuen, our photographer,  Jessi Jae Joplin and Zilla 308, our adorable & cheerful models, and also the wonderful staff at Cafe 50’s who let us run around the place for a few hours! I was worried we would bug the people eating there, but I think generally people were curious and thought the girls were in a band! I am actually on the look-out for Yummy You! models in the SF Bay Area for local shoots of upcoming products. If you are interested and able to get yourself to places from San Francisco to San Jose, depending on shoot locations, please drop me a line with a link to your portfolio!

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Happy 4th of July! 15% off Yummy You Sale!

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  Happy Fourth of July!!! We’re celebrating with food, friends, and a 15% off sale at from July 4 – July 7! Just use discount code: PICNIC. Do you have a favorite 4th of July treat? This sounds really boring, but, I REALLY LOVE CORN!

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Yummy You! & “SugarSlam IV: Ready to Crumble”

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Do ya like to bake? Do ya like professional wrestling!? Bake and Destroy has got the contest for YOU! Sugar Slam IV: Ready to Crumble is here! check out this page for deadlines and contest rules! You have until August 31st! Yummy You! is excited to be a prize sponsor!  

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Giveaway with the fabulous AgentLover!

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Head on over to one of my most favoritest bloggers, AgentLover, and enter her giveaway! One lucky winner gets to go home with a Yummy You! x Sanrio Character-Cupcake scarf! Woohoo! Sorry for the radio silence! I was in Las Vegas this week for the big Licensing Expo. I don’t think we were really supposed to take photos inside there (although everyone was taking photos with the mascots running around, like the Power Rangers, The ICEE Slush Puppy, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and some random guys I didn’t recognize!), but it’s really cool to see the booth designs for big companies like Nickelodeon, My Little Pony, Sesame Street, stuff like that!

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Cherie Buttonss: Hello Kitty Cutie!

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Check out crazycute artist/designer Cherie Buttonss in our 5-character “Hello Kitty by Twinkie Chan” scarf! Amazing right? Love her! You may also be familiar with her as MINT SODA on Tumblr. Don’t forget, you can pick up your own “Hello Kitty by Twinkie Chan” scarf here!  If you want to watch Miss Buttonss in action, check out her introductory YouTube video and channel!

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Free Gifts & Cute Magnet Sets in the Yummy You! Shop

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I know these magnet sets may look familiar to those of you have been following along for a while, but this is the first time we have had them available in our shop! Each set – Cupcakes or Sushi – comes with 4 super strong magnets, depicting photos of my crochet foods! (I think this is my favorite set of purikura with Manda!) Also, for the month of May, we are including a mystery pack of 5 free 1″ buttons in every order! We just got our pins in, and we were like, “Do we really want to list 20 separate different buttons on the site?” Not so much! Maybe later! So we’re giving them away right now! You’re welcome! 🙂 xoxo  

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New “Hello Kitty by Twinkie Chan” Scarves Available Now from Yummy You!

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Youz guys! I’m so excited that our new collaboration with Sanrio, “Hello Kitty by Twinkie Chan” is now available for purchase at Yummy You! Some of you may recognize these scarves from Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary art show. We have the same two styles available now. One has 5-characters on cupcakes, and the other has 14 different characters. I should take a photo of the 14-character one stretched out so you can see more of the characters. I kinda blanked on that one! Ever since I made the originals for the Sanrio party, people have been messaging me, asking me to make one for them, too, so I hope you guys are excited that we produced these via Yummy You! Do you have a favorite Sanrio character? Mine are Purin and Pandapple!  

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Easter Egg Drop-Palooza Event in Massachusetts

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If you are near Amesbury, MA, you should check out Egg Drop-Palooza on March 30th at Amesbury sports park! They are going to drop 30,000 Easter eggs filled with goodies, and there are pony rides, helicopter rides, face painting, egg dye-ing, a bunny hop, etc etc. This event is organized by Lucy’s Love Bus,  a non-profit “delivering comfort to children with cancer” through integrative therapies. “Lucy’s Love Bus is named after Lucy Grogan, who was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. Lucy herself benefited from integrative therapies, but was upset that many of her friends couldn’t. Though Lucy passed away, her mother Beecher Grogan founded Lucy’s Love Bus in 2006. Since 2006, we’ve helped 101 children in 14 states. “A program started initially to help heal Lucy’s friends, Lucy’s Teen Leaders is a group of young philanthropists who host fundraisers to help fund Lucy’s Mission. I am honored to be part of this group, especially at the age of 13. Lucy’s Teen Leader program has given me life long skills, such as creating an annual appeal and hosting events. This has also become part of our mission, teaching leadership to others. Lucy’s Teen Leader group has spread within Massachusetts.” Maggie from Lucy’s Love Bus contacted us at Yummy You! to see if we might donate  to their prize packs, and of course we said yes! Tickets to this event are only $5. I hope some of you are able to check it out!

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Yummy Bento Box Giveaway at LaCarmina’s blog!

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  We have a new giveaway for you guys!! Fashion blogger, author, tv hostess, and all around amazing media personality LaCarmina has partnered up with us to create this Yummy Bento Box prize. You get the cute bento box AND the Yummy You! stuff inside! Please visit her blog entry about the giveaway to find out how to enter to win! Remember to comment on her blog. Comments here won’t count. Thank you! Good luck!  

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Ginormous Yummy You! ad in Nylon Magazine! (February issue)

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So, my big face (3 times) is lurking in your Nylon Mag this month! Go pick up a copy! It’s the February issue with Selena Gomez on the cover.   Sorry for crappy iPhone pics! I keep avoiding having to futz with my new scanner! I made this ad past the ad deadline while all these Nylon people were waiting for me. Initially, another Yummy You! ad designed by my licensee was supposed to go in that space to promote a new collaboration. The collaboration is still happening, but at the time of the ad deadline, all the paperwork still wasn’t complete, so at the end of the day when the ad was due, I was asked to create a new ad on my end just for general Yummy You! product, but RIGHT AWAY, since everyone was already waiting. My team had some quick ideas for a photo to substitute in and what layout to use so that I could produce this ad super quickly, but the photo and logos and everything weren’t really working inside the magazine specs, and the poop was hitting my mental fan, since I knew people were waiting, and I kept getting emailed to SEND SEND SEND. So I had to scratch the team’s idea completely and just kind of randomly create another one on the spot, based on photos I use on my business card. I really hadn’t had time to organize any cute photoshoots for emergencies such as these, so I felt especially flustered. I don’t know anything about laying stuff out properly, and I don’t even think things are aligned and centered properly, but for having to bust it all out at the last minute and not knowing what I was doing, I think it turned out ok! I was really worried about typos because I was so frazzled! It’s kind of funny, because as you flip through the magazine, it’s all kind of cool and grown up, and then you are hit in the face with a big punch of pink and bubble lettering. It kind of seems out of place, but in a way, I guess that has been my mission all along: to give everyone permission to wear cute colors and cute things, and that age shouldn’t determine what is ok for us to wear as long as we are having fun! Cute is cool!

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Behind the Scenes: Yummy You! Photo Shoot at Cafe50s in L.A.

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We had a lot of Yummy You! fun on Monday night in L.A. with models Jessi Jae Joplin and Stephanie, and photographer Irene Yuen at the super cute Cafe50s. I felt super duper lucky to be around such a gracious and cheerful group of ladies, and the staff at the restaurant were also amazing and upbeat and didn’t yell at us or get mad or anything! I was in town for the Craft & Hobby Association show for a meeting and asked Irene as soon as my meeting was confirmed if she thought it would be possible to also throw together a last-minute photo shoot while I was there.  I am a big ignoramus when it comes to organizing a shoot, because I’m usually just shooting myself with a remote in my house! It was a little crazy on Monday afternoon, trying to coordinate the shoot while also at the CHA show, but everything turned out really well….EVEN after I failed to give Jessi and Irene the address to the cafe so they ended up at a different Cafe50s. DOH. MY BAD!!! Here are just a few behind the scenes Instagram snaps from that evening. Here we all are after the shoot! I took this one right after asking them if they had decided what to order. All good photoshoots involve french fries and milkshakes! Earlier on, Irene had txtd that she didn’t know whether to eat before the shoot or not, because she wasn’t hungry but knew that shooting in a diner would make her hungry. I told her I would feed her french fries while she shot. Also, I felt it would be proper for me to wipe her brow. Here’s a pic I stole from Stephanie wearing her cupcake scarf! The really surprising part of the evening for me was that when diners had to pass us on their way out, they all were curious about who we were and what we were doing, and they all commented that everyone looked really cute and wanted to know where they could buy the goodies. I was paranoid that they would all hate us for ruining their meals or something, but as it turns out, the whole thing was just a big happyfest. Yay! Stay tuned for the legit photos! They are gonna be ridiculously cute!

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Giveaway on Yummy You! Facebook page, ends Wednesday!

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Start off 2013 on the right foot! You can win the entire range of super-soft, super-toasty, and super-cute socks from Yummy You! All you have to do to enter is go to our Facebook page, “like” the newest post with the same image as below, comment with your favorite Yummy You product off our web site, and “share” this post on Facebook! The winner will be chosen on Wednesday Jan. 9th. Good luck and stay yummy!  

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Happy Yummy You! Year :)

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From now until this Friday, January 4, use discount code LUCKY2013 in the Yummy You! shop and get 15% off your order! xo

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Yummy You! spotted in Nylon’s Holiday Gift Guide!

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Thanks AmandaJeannn for Tweeting this snap from your current issue of Nylon! I need to pick up a copy for posterity! Don’t forget, that if you live in NYC, you can check out Yummy You! in person at Nylon’s holiday pop-up shop. And also, my giveaway is running until Sunday night!

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Yummy You will be in Nylon’s Holiday Pop Up Shop!

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I’m excited that Yummy You! is part of Nylon‘s very first holiday pop-up shop! I wanted to go to the kick-off party tonight, but I couldn’t quite make my travel plans work out in time, so now all you guys in NYC (I’m looking at you, Nicole) have to check out the pop-up and let me know what it’s like! Mondays-Saturdays, 12-7pm, Sundays 12-5pm, December 7th – 18th, at 72 Gansevoort Street.

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Let’s do a giveaway!

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Happy Monday! Let’s do a Yummy You! giveaway! Since we had a cupcake-themed giveaway on Audrey’s blog, I figured we would do a bacon-and-egg-themed one here! We’ll send a bacon and egg scarf, bacon and egg toe socks, egg flower hard case wallet, and fried egg pin to one lucky winner! Contest is open worldwide. Simply follow the Rafflecopter widget to enter! The contest will close next Monday, Dec. 10 at the stroke of midnight PST. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway p.s. Are there any other bloggers here who use Rafflecopter? Are we now forced to purchase a premium account in order to display a photo of our prizes within the widget, rather than using html?

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Cyber Monday Sale! Use code HOTFUDGEMUNDAE.

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Did you guys get any good stuff on Black Friday?? After eating Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house, my mom joked about checking out the Black Friday sale at Target. Normally she avoids that stuff, but I told her it was kind of a cultural phenomenon to just observe. One year, Hairy and I drove past a Target at 4am and a gigantic line was wrapped around  this humongous building. It was kind of shocking. So we took my mom, and there wasn’t a line outside anymore, since there is now GREY THURSDAY and all the sales started so early, but there was a crazy long line inside. We just sort of zipped in and out. My mom said it was fun, and that we should mentally plan to jump in the fray next year, cuz the flat screen tvs are a steal! Anyway we’re having a Cyber Monday sale at Yummy You! Get somebody a present!

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Oh hey! Our Yummy You! Sale is *On*!

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If you guys are already members of, then you might have already received the newsletter mentioning Yummy You! in their “Young at Heart” shop! (p.s. my model and buddy Elysse is vegan, and here she is completely surrounded by BACON!!!! I have the omnivore’s guilt!) You can check out more of our goodies on sale at the Yummy You! page here!  I have only been a member for a short time. My brother told me about the Sanrio shoe sale they were having, and I bought a pair! A week or two ago, I also bought USB-powered hand-warmers and foot-warmers! Can’t wait to show you guys those! Okay, don’t forget: our Fab sale only runs for a week, so grab stuff while you can!

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Yummy You! Online Store is Now Open!!

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EEEEERRRRMAGERRRRRD! Our Yummy You! store is finally up! Check it out now! This is the first time I’ve ever attempted building this kind of online shop, so please let me know if there are any weird glitches or problems! I owe a kabillion thank-yous to my brother, who has been working closely with me over the past few weeks to make this shop happen! There is a wink to him in one of the items in the store… My favorite new non-crochet items are the glittery Cupcake Hard Case Wallet and the Cupcake Ankle Sock 2-Pack. I actually do use the hard case wallet everyday!    

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Yummy Yahoos!

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After shooting photos for the soon-to-be Yummy You online store, I wanted to jump in and take a photo with Vivs and Elysse. At first I thought I would also model some of the product, but the idea of trying to take a break from that for once was kind of appealing.  I got to hold a big panel of cardboard and strangle people with scarves instead! We didn’t really have a big enough space for the backdrop indoors, so we went into the backyard. It had been a perfectly overcast day, but of course, as soon as everything was set up, the sun started coming out and burning everyone’s faces off!! Thus, my cardboard-holding duties to shield all from the sun. We were kind of under a tight time-constraint for scheduling and wanted a more straightf0rward and streamlined look for the online store, but I hope to have more fun shoots later at fun locations! Thanks to Oliver for being our trusty photog. I told him to jump in the photo, too, but he refused! What a diva.

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Yummy You! Back in Stores!

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After the MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas last month, I knew that Yummy You! would slowly start appearing in stores again, and this morning, my crochet elf Liliah emailed me to let me know she saw Yummy You! scarves on! YAYZ! They are carrying the Bacon n Eggs scarf as well as the Sushi scarf! Now that we have product again (and never-seen-before new stuff!), we are going to work really hard on getting the Yummy You! website all updated, including, THE ONLINE STORE! SUPER YAYZ! Here are some product shots from ThinkGeek: I know they kinda look the same as the ones from 2010/11, but we found a new factory to work with, and I had lots more time to work with them and make the product better. Plus, miraculously, we got the pricing down as well! Yay for all! I also really liked ThinkGeek’s model photos! They did a great job and had a lot of fun! This is only the beginning. Can’t wait to show you more and more!

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