Cyber Monday Sale! Use code HOTFUDGEMUNDAE.

Did you guys get any good stuff on Black Friday?? After eating Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house, my mom joked about checking out the Black Friday sale at Target. Normally she avoids that stuff, but I told her it was kind of a cultural phenomenon to just observe. One year, Hairy and I drove past a Target at 4am and a gigantic line was wrapped around  this humongous building. It was kind of shocking. So we took my mom, and there wasn’t a line outside anymore, since there is now GREY THURSDAY and all the sales started so early, but there was a crazy long line inside. We just sort of zipped in and out. My mom said it was fun, and that we should mentally plan to jump in the fray next year, cuz the flat screen tvs are a steal!

Anyway we’re having a Cyber Monday sale at Yummy You! Get somebody a present!

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