T-shirt DIY with Ice Cream & Sunnies Tee! (Part One!)

Have I got a treat for you! Our buddy Selina from SZMOON.net has whipped up some majorly awesome DIY’s with Yummy You’s Ice Cream & Sunnies Tshirt!

Here’s the first one!!! So cute, right!?



Stay tuned for a no-sew DIY!

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8 Replies to “T-shirt DIY with Ice Cream & Sunnies Tee! (Part One!)”

  1. Kailey says:

    Ooh this is PERFECT! *__*

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      She did real good! (Sorry for late reply….it’s hard to catch up sometimes!)

  2. Abs says:

    Sooo kawaii!~
    I’m loving the ice cream drips and I would definitely do this on a tulle “waffle cone” mini skirt, sew the drips on it and add rainbow sprinkle embellishments to wear with this awesome shirt! Great diy <3

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      Do it do it! I wanna see! 😉

  3. betty turbo says:

    that is ADORABLE!

  4. Violeta says:

    sooo cute 🙂

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