Yummy Yahoos!

After shooting photos for the soon-to-be Yummy You online store, I wanted to jump in and take a photo with Vivs and Elysse. At first I thought I would also model some of the product, but the idea of trying to take a break from that for once was kind of appealing.  I got to hold a big panel of cardboard and strangle people with scarves instead!

We didn’t really have a big enough space for the backdrop indoors, so we went into the backyard. It had been a perfectly overcast day, but of course, as soon as everything was set up, the sun started coming out and burning everyone’s faces off!! Thus, my cardboard-holding duties to shield all from the sun.

We were kind of under a tight time-constraint for scheduling and wanted a more straightf0rward and streamlined look for the online store, but I hope to have more fun shoots later at fun locations!

Thanks to Oliver for being our trusty photog. I told him to jump in the photo, too, but he refused! What a diva.

4 Comments on “Yummy Yahoos!”

  • great idea! ive never had the space inside for the a studio back drop but I have never even considered taking it outside! Genius! Love the shots and captions lol!

  • Sami


    Cute pictures and I love your friends pink jeans 🙂

  • I used to make fun of your platform sneaks back-when, but… DAMN. You’re hedging on Karloff levels of STACKEDNESS, right about now.

    • TwinkieChan



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